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The Boat Motto

Memories of Steve Woodall

I won the contest to create a motto for the Bergall that Commander Gibbs held leaving the shipyard in Mare Island.

Invisible, Invulnerable, Invincible was my attempt to win the grand prize of 4 consecutive days off while steaming and conducting testing in St. Lucia.

Cmd. Gibbs selected the winner without knowing the name of the person who submitted the entry.   I spent the majority of those 4 days sleeping on the beach and in the hotel.   In 1988 there wasn't much to do in St Lucia.   But the rest was all I craved since I was hot racking with two other shipmates due to the large number of shipyard personnel on board conducting post overhaul testing.

So that's how we got our motto and I am proud that I left the Bergall SSN 667 with something we all can be proud of.
I thought it was a perfect fit for sub service even if I'm the one that thought of it.

Steve Woodall