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Memories of Michael Ward

She was a great lady with a grand bunch of guys onboard. I went to her decommissioning in Norfolk, and had my daughters with me also one son in-law LT. Pilot. We spent a good deal of time on her and I told some sea stories. Captain Tally was there and he looked absolutely no different.

I was on her from 4-68 to 8-70. Spent the next 10 years riding several boats then picked up as a LDO in 1978. I retired in 1989 as LCDR but can honestly say that my time on the Bergall was the best time of my life. I give credit for my success to CSCS Glen France, CAPTAIN Bill Tally, TMCS Ed Gibbons, Ltjg Bob Gardener and so many of that great crew that educated me to the real Navy.

In 1969 the Mets & Braves were in the first divisional play offs for baseball. I am a diehard former Brooklyn Dodger fan from Brooklyn and Tally is from Atlanta. We would go at it at least once a week., well we were at scope depth listening to the game when Don Clendenen hit a long fly ball. Tally dove the boat and would not go back up. I ran from the galley to control and went nuts.! The old man would not bring up the boat and I would not serve chow. He gave me a warning with a big smile after a hour or more and said either chow or a new rank, then after a few seconds of my back talk he got on the 1mc and said, "Mets got lucky, chow served."

Mike Ward