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Christmas On The Bergall

Memories of Tommy Cox

I made one run on Bergall in the early 70's. If I remember correctly, we spent a Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's on board. I remember Capt. Wyatt. Jack Maurer was the XO, and I think Pappy Kuhn was the COB.

My greatest memory was singing for the crew on Christmas on the Mess Decks. We were having a great time with the submarine songs, which were recorded on the TAKE HER DEEP album years later, and other popular selections of the era. The applause was normal for the occasion; however, when I sang "Blue Christmas," there was not one peep when I finished. Talk about a pregnant pause!

I realized the song expressed what each of us held in our hearts being on patrol during this great family holiday. That silence spoke volumes to me both as a singer and as a sailor. We were making the "sacrifice" in service of our country at the height of the Cold War to ensure our continued freedom. By the way, that mission was a great success. It was also my first as a Team Leader as a Chief Petty Officer.

I sure do have a lot of admiration for those who served on diesel boats especially on war patrols. I made one run on a diesel - the Barbel. It had the albacore hull, but it was diesel powered.

Regards to Bergall shipmates,

Tommy Cox

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