1983 Yamaha Venture Specifications Cycle Magazine 6/1983 Test Specifications

Make and Model Yamaha XVZ12TK Venture
Price suggested retail (as of 3/22/83) $5599
Standing 1/4 mile 12.69 sec. @ 103.92 mph
Engine rpm @ 60 mph, top gear 3313
Average fuel consumption rate 42.6 mpg (18.1 km/L)
Cruising range 226 miles (363 km)
Load capacity (GVWR less curb weight) 417 lbs (189 kg)
Maximum speed in gears @ redline (1) 48 (2) 70 (3) 92 (4) 116 (5) 136
Type Four-stroke, V-four; liquid-cooled with dual chain-driven overhead camshafts; four valves per cylinder
Bore and stroke 76.0 x 66.0mm (2.99 x 2.60 in)
Piston displacement 1198cc (73.1 cu.in.)
HP 90
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Carburetion (4) Mikuni 34mm constant-vacuum
Exhaust system Four-into-two
Ignition Battery-powered, inductive, magnetically triggered
Air filtration Paper element, disposable
Oil filtration Paper element, disposable
Oil Capacity Periodic oil change   3.7 US qt/3.5L/3.1 Imp qt   w/filter replacement  4.0 US qt/3.8L/3.3 Imp qt
Type Five-speed, constant-mesh, wet-clutch
Primary drive Spur gear 87/49, 1.78
Final drive Shaft, with helical bevel gears 21/27 x 33/10, 2.57
Gear ratios (transmission) (1) 39/15, 2.60 (2) 39/22, 1.77 (3) 31/23, 1.35 (4) 31/29, 107 (5) 29/32, 0.91
Gear ratios (overall)  (1) 11.88 (2) 8.09 (3) 6.17 (4) 4.89 (5) 4.16 Home Chassis
Frame Type Double-downtube, full-cradle frame; round-section steel swing arm
Front Suspension Center-axle, air-adjustable fork with 40mm tubes, anti-dive valving and 5.1 in. (130mm) of travel
Rear Suspension  (1) air-adjustable shock absorber, adjustable for rebound dampening, producing 4.2 in. (107mm) of rear-wheel travel
Wheelbase 63.4 in. (1610mm)
Rake/Trail 28.5 deg /4.9 in. (125mm)
Front Brake Hydraulic, dual-disc with dual-piston calipers
Rear Brake single-disc with dual-piston calipers
Front Wheel Cast, 2.15 x 18
Rear Wheel Cast, 3.00 x 16
Front Tire 120/90 18 65H Dunlop Qualifier F-16
Rear Tire 140/90 16 71H Dunlop Qualifier K827
Seat height 31.2 in. (792mm)
Ground Clearance 5.6 inc. (142mm)
Fuel Capacity 5.3 gal. (20 L)
Curb weight full tank 751.5 lbs. (340.8 kg)
Test weight 911.5 lbs. (413.5 kg)
Power source AC, 3 phase Alternator
Charger control Solid-state voltage regulator/rectifier
Headlight beams high/low 65/60 watts
Tail/stoplights 8/27 watts (2)
Battery 12V 18AH
Instruments Includes: Speedometer, odometer, trip meter, tachometer, with 7500-rpm redline. Fuel, Coolant temperature and volt gauges, indicators for neutral, high-beam, turn signals, side stand down, low brake fluid, engine oil and batter levels, head lamp and tail lamp out, low fuel level and LCD clock.
Speedometer error 30 mph indicated, actual...............28.22 60 mph indicated, actual...............57.80

1986 - 1993

The earlier model 1200cc Venture was very well received, but still struggling in the marketplace against the Goldwing. For 1986, Yamaha made some changes. Capacity was increased to 1300cc for more power, luggage capacity was increased by 50%, it was fitted with electronically controlled anti-dive forks, and passenger accommodations were enhanced. Despite all the engine improvements and extra power, the new Royale could still pull 45mpg. Changes were kept to a minimum from 1986 until the end of the production run in 1993.


 Overall length   

100.0 inches/2,540 mm

 Overall width   

37.0 inches/940mm

 Overall height   

60.4 inches/1,535mm

 Seat height   

30.9 inches/785mm


63.4 inches/1,610mm

 Min ground clearance   

5.7 inches/145mm

Wet weight   

XVZ13DS       783lbs/355 kg


XVZ13DSC    785 lbs/356 kg

Min turning radius   

114 inches/2,900mm


HP:   97


Liquid cooled, 4 stroke gasoline DOHC

Cylinder arrangement   




Bore xs Stroke   

3.110x 2.598in/79x66mm

Compresion ratio   

10.5 : 1

Compression pressure   

171 psi/1,177kPa(12kg/cm2)

Starting system   

Electric starter

Lubrication system   

Wet sump

Oil type/grade   

If temperature does not go below 40 F (5 C) Yamalube 4-cycle oil/SAE 20W40 type SE
If temperature does not go above 60 F(15 C) SAE 10W30 type SE

Final gear oil   

SAE 80 API  "GL-4" Hypoid gear oil

Engine oil capacity

Periodic oil change   3.7 US qt/3.5L/3.1 Imp qt
 w/filter replacement  4.0 US qt/3.8L/3.3 Imp qt

Total capacity   

5 US qts/4.7L/4.1 Imp qt

Final gear case   

0.21 US qt/0.2 L/2.46 Imp qt

Radiator capacity  

(all routes)   2.96 US qt/2.8L/2.46 Imp qt

Fuel Type   

regular unleaded

Fuel Tank Capacity   

Total: 5.3 US gal/20L/4.4 Imp gal
Reserve: 1.06 US gal/4.0 L/0.88 Imp

Carburetor Type/Manufacturer   

BDS 34x4/Mikuni

Spark Plug Type/Manufacturer   

DPR8EA-9 NGK  or  X24EPR-U9 Nippondenso

Spark Gap   

0.031~0.035 in/.08~0.9mm


Wet, multiple disc


Constant mesh 5 speed

   Primary reduction system   

Spur gear

   Primary reduction ratio   

87=49 (1.775)

   Secondary reduction system   

Shaft drive

   Secondary reduction ratio   

21=27 x 33=10 (2.566)


Left foot shift

   Transmission Gear Ratios   1st gear   

39=15 (2.600)

   2nd gear   

39=22 (1.772)

   3rd gear   

31=23 (1.347)

   4th gear   

31=29 (1.068)

   5th gear   

29=32 (0.906)

Chassis Frame type   

Double cradle

Caster angle   

28.5 degrees


4.9 in (125mm)

Tire Type   


Size Front   

120/90-18 65H   Bridgestone L303  Dunlop F16

Size Rear   

140/90-16 71H   Bridgestone G508  Dunlop K807

Wear limit   

0.04 in  (1.0mm)

Tire pressure (cold tire)

Basic wet weight

Maximum load**


Front                                    Rear

   Up to 198 lbs/90k   

32 psi/2.3kg/cm2                32 psi/2.3kg/cm2

   198 lbs/09 k ~   **   

32 psi/2.3kg/cm2                40 psi/2.8kg/cm2

   High speed riding   

32 psi/2.3kg/cm2                32 psi/2.3kg/cm2

   Front Brake (right)   

Disc brake  Right hand operation

   Front left and rear brake  

Disc brake Unified  Right foot operation

   Front Suspension

Telescopic fork

   Rear Suspension

Swing arm (New Monocross)

   Front Shock Absorber

Air/coil spring/oil damper

   Rear Shock Absorber

Air/coil spring, Gas/oil damper


   Ignition system   


   Generator system   

A.C. magneto generator

   Battery type/model   


   Battery capacity   

12V 20AH

Headlight  Type   

Bulb Type (Quartz bulb)


12V, 60W/55W x 1

   Tail/Brake light   

12V, 8W/27W  x 2

   Flasher light   

12V, 27W x 4


12V, 8W x 4

   Trunk light   

12V, 5W x 1

   Indicator lights


12V, 3.4W x 1

  High beam   

12V, 3.4W x 1

  Head lamp   

12V, 3.4W x 1


12V, 3.4W x 2

  Cruise control


12V, 3W x 1


12V, 3W x 1


12V, 3W x 1

  Meter light   

12V, 3.4W x 4