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My Thanks...

Memories of Ivan Salkin

Greetings, Guys,

I was a crew member of the U.S.S. Bergall from 1986 to 1989 and served as an MM3 (SS/DV)

After that, I joined EOD in the Reserves and gained my commission as an Reserve Army Infantry Officer.   Currently I am a Captain in the Reserves (Civil Affairs) and work full time teaching Army ROTC at the University of New Mexico.

After all these years what stands out most is TDU operations and the smell of the submarine. Submarine duty was far the most difficult thing I have ever done in my career and allows me to appreciate what I currently have and appreciate what current submariners are doing today. Army soldiers may have to hump a ruck but that pails to wearing two exposure suit while standing top-side for 6 hours and watching your urine freeze to the rubber coated hull of the sub. Those short years on the Bergall have afforded me many of funny stories that I enjoy sharing with those that can appreciate that sort of humor, but the funniest incident was telling short stories about Gene Diotalevi to some EOD team mates and then bumping in to him at the Burger King at Alameda Naval Base. Except Dio was no longer the same guy...He was married with family and a true adult. A reminder that we were all bound for that. I'm proud of what we did and became, although my wife and mother will never get to hear all of the stories.

My thanks go to my two COBs.   I know that they hated me, but I thank you  anyway.   My thanks  to Coach Guthrie... I became a Diver because I was scared to face you as a failure. To MMSC for teaching me to sail. And to Commander  "Smiling Mike" Riordan for inspiring me to go further.

Ivan Salkin
Assistant Professor Of Military Science
University of New Mexico