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The 2017 USS Bergall Reunion is in Nashville, TN !

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Confirming list for the crew attending
(check for friends attending or let us know you're coming so we can add your name)

Our mustering location is at the GuestHouse Inn & Suites Music Valley

Our hospitality room is the BIG room on the 2nd floor by the staircase... COME ON IN !

Roger Heck arrived and awaiting friends.

Jerome Whitehead, Bryan and Penny Waller, Roger and Angie Heck with Barbara Whitehead at Caney Fork.

Bryan and Jerome displaying methods of equal distribution.

Jeffrey Moreau rolling in.

Peter Rushton and Carol Reeves starting a mini-tour.

Peter went looking but the Bergall crew are faster than your normal bear.

But communication brings folks together. Now why would THAT be the gathering place?
Peter Rushton, Brian Sharp, Jerome Whitehead, Gordie McKibben, Roger Heck,
Randy Box, Bill Scarbrough and Bryan Waller.

Roger, Brian, Tracy Sharp and Angie.

A dark alley, folks?   Oh, the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar !
Angie, Gordie, Roger and ??

Jim Sandman rolled in and snagged a new Reunion T-Shirt.

John and Barb Mosticone and others stopped in at the Grand Ole Oprey.

Barb Mosticone and Ellie Trahan grabbed a moment with Tim Bridges.

And just to remember they were there...

Ed Gibbons and Kathy Gatlin arrived.

Several decided on a stage show in a different venue... aboard the paddleboat General Jackson.

Waiting for showtime in the shade...Al and Kris Yancy with Mike Ward and Barb.

And in the sun, Ed, Kathy with ???

It seems Dan Kalavitinos and Ellie Trahan and others also found it enjoyable.

Getting settled in...

And then the spotlights came up.

While others were at a "quieter" place, the George Jones.

Jeffery took Dominic for a bite

Dominic Moreau tried their "What The Chuck Hot"...

Harry and Rebecca Hodge,  ?,? Thomas Ralph with Vickie Lynn, Jim and Daryl Beiter

Jim Sandman, Nik Lewis and Curt Escher

Jim, Harry, Curt and Jeffrey

Jeffery, Bernie Geier, Jim and Thomas Ralph

Ed looking dapper and Kathy a great compliment at the reunion dinner.

Some of the entertainment.

More entertainment.

Gordie introducing Tony

Guest Speaker:  Tony Rollo - Producer & Director of Submariners: The Men of the Silent Service

Gordie awarded Tony Rollo a Bergall Challenge Coin.

A well behaved group?

Panning from the back...

A bit more forward

To the front.

The gathering...

Harry Hodge and... ??

Jeffrey Moreau with ?, ", :, :, ", Bernie Geier

?, son Derek with Curt and Kristin Escher, with ?

A great gathering of polite and proud submariners.
Front row: Angelo Christiano, John Duddy, Keving Kunz, Gordie, McKibbons, Daryl Beiter, Brian Sharp, Bill Scarborough.
middle: ?, Bryan Waller, Bob Peterson, Joe Simmons(?), ?, Roy Ader, Ed Gibbons, John Mosticone, ?, Mike Sobkowski, Dave Cary, ?
back: ?, Nik Lewis, Randy Box, Curt Escher, ?, Harry Hodge, Bernie Geier, ?, Jim Sandman, Jeff Moreau, Peter Rushton, Thomas Barnes,  Bob Stoneking, 
Gary Wallick,  Thomas Ralph, ?, ?, ?, Pat Murphy, ?, ?, ?, ?, Al Yancy, Brian Daugherty.

The 80's and 90's crew
front: Kurt, Daryl, Gordie, Bryan.
middle: ?, Joe Simons, Randy Box, Brian Sharp, Jim Sarborough, Thomas Barnes, Gary Wallick.
back: Curt Escher, Harry Hodge, Nik Lewis, Bernie Geier, ?, Jim Sandman, Jeffery Moreau, Roger Heck, Peter Rushton, Bob Stoneking.

The 70's crowd
front: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Ed Gibons, ?
Back: Richard Jones, ?, Nik Lewis, Bernie Geier, Jim Sandman, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?,  Mike Ward, Sam McConnell,
Jeffery Moroeau, Mike Sobkowski, Doug Reils, John Mosticone, Al Yancy.

The Plank owners.
front: ?, John Duddy, ?, Doug Reils, Ed Gibbons, John Mosticone, ?
back: Pat Murphy, Richard Jones, Mike Ward, ?, Al Yancy, ?, ?

Join us in 2018 in Little Rock !

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