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 The 2009 Bergall Reunion was held in New London!

Confirming list for the crew attending and activity schedule
(Here's a list of friends that attended)

Special thanks to our Reunion Committee consisting of:
 Carol Elnicki, Barb Mosticone, Anne McConnell, Patti Lynn and Dick Fiske

The reunion hotel was the Radisson and the fun was just inside those doors..

The first day started strong with the usual early birds... John and Patti Lynn, Andy and Carol Elnicki and Mike and
Helen Eggleston... making a welcome to all.
Of course it was held at the Radisson Inn in New London...

From having just a hospitality suite, the hotel figured we had a LOT of folks coming so they opened up the
lobby to us.   Tom Stratton, Ted Ansink, Ray Marineau, Helen and Mike Eggleston, Andy Elnicki, Rod Lovdal,
Mary Anne Christiano and Carol Elnicki found a home...

And more introductions started, Sam, Tom, Ted, Helen, Ray and Mike.

Pictures were needed and help was at hand.

Tom finds another that will claim knowing him, Dave Padora...

Back in the Eagle room... John Duddy, Richard (Jonesy) Jones, Lyle Erickson and Doug Riels

Even Nishan Derderian found an ear with Ray...

Dick Fiske showed up, as normal, but he brought the previously thought, fictitious, loving bride, Pat....
Patti Lynn makes an introduction while Ray, Don Basham and Abe Kern join the fun.

The husbands tell stories (Ben Matthews, Mark "Spunk" Smetana and Rick "Muk" McCann)
while the wives tell their own (Tory Matthews, Helen Smetana and Peggy McCann)...

Ben, Mark and Rich, "Do you remember holding on while we...?"

Dick and Don start with usual joy... "Where's the booze, Dick?"

Jon Blomburg arrives while Angelo Christiano talks with John Duddy.

Jon Blomberg helped start filling up the Eagle Room while Patti teases Pat about...?

Now we'll be having some fun as Sid Hoialmen arrived!

And WHO could capture that moment?!

Sid's son Doug escorts Andy and Nishan out to the van!

And Nishan is JUST starting to get tickled at seeing his ole buddy!

Ben Matthews checks on his wife having fun as Sid Hoialmen came scooting in, thanks to his son, Doug!

Ben, Mark and Rick... now you KNOW there's trouble brewing!!

Carol Elnicki, Sue Cline, and Pat Fiske share a moment!   We still can't believe Dick has such a lovely wife.
We didn't think she would be ugly, we thought he just had been lying about having one...

Mary Anne explains to Anne McConnell about their trip?!

Pat Murphy rode in on his Harley and immediately found some friends, ? and John Duddy.

Helen, Peggy and Tory grab a quiet moment.

Mark and Rich pretend they are sleeping...

Mike and Andy catch a moment.

John Lynn with Tom in his standard mode, drink and cigar...

Don and Abe share a joke.

With Doug watching, Nishan asks what Sid wants to START with to drink...

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