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The 2007 Reunion was in Seattle and AT SEA!

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The Earlier Shore And Cruise Reunion Details
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Dick Fiske arrived on the 11th for the shore part of the reunion and started checking things out,
but before he could really get his bags unpacked he got a knock at the door, opening it to find
a lovely woman... That's our "Dick"!      Virginia and Michael Longworth had arrived and she had
come up while Michael parked and got their stuff squared away.   Then they helped Dick in
getting the hospitality suite arranged. 

Michael and Virginia were a real treat and VERY helpful in seeing that everything went well, including
hauling folks around and even helping with the last minute crush to get folks to the cruise ship
at the end of the "shore" reunion.   We sure want to extend our thanks to them.

Outside the reunion hotel is this wonderful patio with a nice "backdrop"

And it's even beautiful at night.   With the pulses synchronized to music was a treat.

Drink time, those pulse water jets just "invite" a dog's attention!

And just down the street, near the shipyard entrance, sits the proud sail of the USS Parche...

I would say that that's QUITE a few achievements.

Mike and Virginia Longworth met up with Dick and got the reunion to an "official" start.

Wednesday and more folks are starting to arrive.   John and Patti Lynn swung in, followed
shortly by Nishan Derderian and then Don and Yuko Basham.  Just after lunch the Hoilamen
"gang" arrived: Sid, grandkids Nathan, Katy and Jessica and even Jessica's baby, Sydney.

Even traveling can be relaxing, just ask John Lynn... well, maybe later.

The hotel had a nice notice in the lobby to direct our folks.

Our Hospitality Suite.

Looks like a good start... ice chest, snacks, Some "early" pictures of Nishan and Sid, our
original 667 banner, an inactivation ceremony pamphlet... and lots of local menu fliers.

A close-up of the compilation pictures made up by Dick Fiske

Where are they now?


And for those rare birds that just MIGHT want a different drink... tomato juice, white and
red Gallo Vermouth, The Glenlivet Scotch, Gordon's Dy Gin, Gilbey's Vodka, Potter's
Whiskey, Bacardi Rum, Jim Beam Whiskey, Maraschino cherries, White Zinfandel,
Chardonnay and Merlot wines and mixers... and this was all collected by a non-drinker?

It looks like plenty of room for a few friends, huh?

John got trapped into filling out name tags?

Carol and Andy Elnicki arrived... THAT signals a start of some more fun.
Standard picture, Carol fussing with her camera and Andy getting serious with some food.

Carol would LIKE us to think that bag ISN'T Andy's.  John got a new toy?

Katy & Sid Hoialmen arrive. Patti Lynn, Rick Hedman (USSVI Seattle Base CDR)

Jessica & Sydney Link, youngest Bergall family member to attend (age wise).

Nishan Derderian arrives.

Nish and Sid arrive and start right in.   Sid, that fish was HOW big?

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