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(Now why does that guy look familiar?)

There was a GREAT 2006 Reunion in Little Rock!
The 2006 reunion was held in conjunction with the USSVI National Convention on the Arkansas River!

Name Accompanying Party Tour

( 320 Crew )

Mike Brood   Son of Arlie
Nishan Derderian   CRT, '44-'45
Sid Hoialmen grandaughter, Katy RM1, '44-'45
Charlie Kennedy Dot Kennedy EM2, '44
Abe Kern   EN3, '54-'55
Don Small   RT2, '44-'45

( 667 Crew )

Don Basham Yuko Basham RMC, '70-'75
Jim Doucette Jeanette Cothern CS1, '69-'70
Andrew Elnicki Carol Elnicki EM1, '68-'71
Dick Fiske   FTGC, '69-'71
Ed Gibbons Lil Gibbons TMC, '68-'70 (and '57 on the 320!)
John Lynn Patti Lynn EM1, '68-'70
James Maney   HMCM, '67-'70
Sam McConnell Anne McConnell ICC, '70-'75
Pat Murphy   SK3, '69-'72
Douglas Riels   SK2, '68-'70
Ray Wyatt Karen Wyatt 667 CO, '73-'76
WHEN: September 5-10, 2006

The DoubleTree Inn, Little Rock.      (The nearby Peabody was the home for the National USSVI Convention)

WHO: All officers, crewmembers, wives and family of the SS 320, SSN 667 and S_324 were welcome...
Families and friends of Shipmates who are "Resting Their Oars" are also always welcome.
HOSPITALITY SUITE: The Bergall Hospitality Suite was at the DoubleTree Inn, room 601... and YES the hotel had wireless internet.
REUNION DINNER: Our traditional reunion dinner was, again, held on Thursday night, September 7th.
American Legion
M. M. Eberts, Post No.1,
315 E. Capital  Ave.
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202 
The Legion was only 7/10 of a mile from the Doubletree.
(Stagger distance has been held to an absolute minimum)

Our standard hours were used:
Cocktails set for 6:30 - 7 PM
Dinner was at 7:OO PM
Sea Stories: Commenced on arrival and lasted.

DINNER MENU: "Arkansas Bar-B-Que"
Bar-B-Que Pork (whole hog), Collard Greens, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Bake Beans, Relish Tray, Cornbread, French Bread or Buns, Cobbler with ice cream, Ice Tea, Coffee
 and a very reasonable bar.

I arrived at the airport with a short wait for Dick Fiske and Pat Murphy... Pat was delayed so Dick and I took the courtesy shuttle to the hotel.   Ahead of us all, Andy and Carol Elnicki had motored in with their RV and Jeep and had ran around town finding all the necessary supplies to outfit the hospitality suite.   Can we say OUTFITTED?   They did a fantastic job but even chasing down Styrofoam coolers turned into a search... but they were undaunted in their effort.

On the 6th floor, our suite was at the end of the hall in room 601... Carol made sure we could find it...

And her custom sign was a nice touch...

Stepping in we saw the spiral staircase to the loft...

then the main seating area...

Then we saw the layout that they had organized.

Do they know how to set up for Bergall sailors or what?

Then I saw the nice view of the Arkansas river out our window...

What a pleasant view of the river and area...

And to the right was the USS Razorback... a fitting backdrop to our reunion... did Andy and Carol set that up too? Just how much room DO they have in their RV?

And Carol even made up and brought a turtle with the 'legend' of being a turtle... are you a turtle?

Here's our wonderful duo, Carol and Andy Elnicki.

And this was just the start to a great reunion...

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