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There was another great reunion at the famous Nags Head!
The Great Reunion Dinner was on Friday (May 6th)...  

Abe Kern and Mike Brood checked in at the "advertised" room check-in time to find that the Bergall crew was already gathering, had commandeered the hospitality suite and ready to have fun...

Andy Elnicki and Sy Sybenga listen to John Lynn spinning one up as Pat Murphy asks just "who" is sneaking pictures so soon!

Patti Lynn "just" misses tagging Sy with a bottlecap...   Are we starting this already?   clock-wise from Patti, Pat Murphy, Jim Gray, Dick Fiske, Andy Elnicki, Sy Sybenga and John Lynn.

Carol Elnicki talks with Sid Hoialmen and his grandson Nathan.

Carl and Marge Weber made it a bit later in the day along with Tom Stratton and Mark "Shit Can" Neisser... the fun begins!

A letter from the incoming USS Bergall Association President:

The Bergall Association is Five Years Old

Undeterred by a late season Nor Easter, The USS Bergall Association returned to our roots in Nags Head, North Carolina to celebrated our Fifth Birthday in May 2005. Rain and high winds failed to dampen spirits as Shipmates were reacquainted. Some, like Garland Wiley, hadn’t seen Sid Hoialman, Chuck Kennedy, Don Small and Carl Weber since 1945.

A big thank you goes out to Don Basham for arranging with the Comfort Inn for special room rates, and a sumptuous banquet catered by Kelly’s. Snack items for the hospitality room, were provided by attendees from around the country, including home made cookies from California, mixed nuts and peanuts from Virginia, Beer from Pennsylvania, and wine from Rhode Island. The ladies must have been concerned that some of us might waist away and they made numerous runs to the 7 Eleven and other stores for refreshments including fresh fruit and breakfast pastry.

Prior to the Dinner, Don Basham called attention to a few honorable mentions.   He then, for the Association, presented Mike Brood a certificate of life membership with full rights and privileges.   He then presented Mike an extremely nice brass dolphin and bell award in appreciation for all of his work with the website, the association and dedication to the two boats.   Next Don called up Mike Parenteau and presented him with a certificate for life membership and also presented a similar brass dolphin and bell award for his efforts.   With that, Abe Kern presented Don with HIS life membership with the dubious distinction of holding life member number "13".  Don also announced the change of guard for the office of President and Vice President of the Association and the approved plans for the 2006 reunion.

Following dinner, it was formal picture taking time. When Mike Brood asked for the best looking SS-320 man to step forward, it came as no surprise when ninety year old Sid Hoialman immediately volunteered. Mike then cajoled some of the SS-320 Vets into revealing some lesser known highlights of their tours. Not to be outdone, SSN-667 members reinforced the motto “From the start to the finish we were made from the same cloth”, with their tales. Who would have guessed that one man has a Periscope tattoo relating to the boat?

During the annual meeting, Little Rock, AR was selected for the next reunion to be held in conjunction with USSVI Inc., 5 through 10 September 2006. More information will be promulgated as plans are firmed up. Each of this years attendees has been asked to bring a Shipmate who wasn’t in attendance this year. Election of officers saw Dick Fiske relieving Don Basham as President, Mike Sobkowski in the Vice President spot for Rod Lovdal. Abe Kern, agreed to remain as Secretary and East Coast Archivist, as did Sam McConnell Treasurer, and Chuck Kennedy, West Coast Archivist.

Thank you Don and Rod for serving the first five years. Please continue to support the association. Annual dues remain at $10 per year and are due by 31 August. Make checks payable to "THE BERGALL ASSOCIATION". and mail to:
Bergall Association
815 Pikes Peak Road
Delta, PA 17314
Attn: Sam McConnell, Treasurer

Hope to see you all in Little Rock.


Narrative to be posted soon!!
But here's the individual collections...

Mike Brood
Mike Eggleston
Dick Fiske
John Mosticone
Pat Murphy

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Nags Head is named for the pirate's activity in the olden days of leading a nag (old horse) up and down the sand dunes with a lantern hanging from it's neck.    Thinking they were seeing harbor lights and had found a safe harbor, sea captains would attempt to come in, thus running aground and making for easy plunder for the pirates!

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