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The 2004 USS Bergall Reunion in Saratoga Springs, NY !

Displays outside the hotel (click to enlarge)

The USS Bergallís 2004 Reunion was held in Saratoga Springs, NY, in conjunction with the Annual USSVI Convention on September 15-19, 2004. We had a hospitality suite at the Prime Hotel, the Convention home base.    Between a concert in the park, a wonderful parade and numerous other activities, the town really turned out to make all the sailors welcome.   And the USSVI turned out more treats, dinners and freebies... our "Bergall girls" made several raiding runs on the convention information tables!

Our Glenn Hanson was our local coordinator and he really pulled a hat-trick and made it a great time for all of us.  He's got an absolutely lovely town.

Wanna Play Golf with fellow Bergall Golf Pros?
Dick Fiske, Pat Murphy and Tom Stratton were looking for a fourth or fifth or... to golf on either the 15th, 16th, or 17th.
Those hackers were expected to take days to complete the front nine... On Friday, Chuck Kennedy, Carl and Marge Weber were going to show these guys how it's done.  If you can't hit the ball don't worry... neither can they... well, Chuck and Carl ain't bad... but they all sure had fun threatening the darned thing and the squirrels, birds and fellow golfers and...!

"We hope you will join us for another year's reunion of sea stories from the Ď40s, 50s, 60s, Ď70s, '80s and '90s and honest to God truths that wives just donít seem to believe."       Don Basham, President-Bergall Association.

With a balcony attached to the hospitality suite, the weather was determined to be nice for us.

Before anybody could do any serious damage, I grabbed these shots of the suite.

Here's a listing of the "crew" that gathered and were held away from the general population... by popular demand:

Name Accompanying Party Tour

( 320 Crew )

Ron Bort   Son of late EM2, William
Mike Brood   Son of late ET3, Arlie
Dominick Castelli sons, Dominick, Jr. & David S1,  '47
Nishan Derderian Ruby Ann Derderian CRT, '44-'45
Norm Ferland   RM2, '55-'58
Sid Hoialmen grand kids Nathan and Jessica with her new hubby,Matt Link RM1, '44-'45
Chuck Kennedy   EM2, '44
Matthew Kopcza Shari Kopcza QM3, '57-'58
Rod Lovdal Rosemary Lovdal SO1, '49-'56
Lamar Mindler   IC, '53
John Ott Lucy and Maryann Ott  ENCA, '44-'57
Michael Parenteau   Son of late QM3, Joe
Warren Valero Trudy Valero MoMM3, '46-'48
Carl Weber Marge Weber RM3, '45

( 667 Crew )

Sam Abernathy   FTGU2, 68-70
Don Basham   RMC, '70-'75
Angelo Christiano Mary Anne Christiano YNC, '71-'75
Mike Eggleston Helen EM2, '70-'71
Andrew Elnicki Carol Elnicki EM1, '68-'71
Dick Fiske   FTGC, '69-'71
Jim Gray Maureen Gray FTGCS, '71-'76
Glenn Hanson Marion Hanson EMCS, '68-'70
Jesse Hopper Rosemary Hopper CS1, '71-'74
Jim Jackson Linda Jackson MM1, '86-'90
Leslie Jacobi Paulette "Charles" Jacobi LCDR, '68-'74
John Lynn Pat, daughter Wendy and Pat's mom, Mary Chebetar. EM1, '68-'70
Sam McConnell Anne McConnell ICC, '70-'75
John Mosticone Barbara Mosticone EM2, '68-'71
Charles Mueller Judy RM2 '72-'75
Pat Murphy   SK3, '69-'72
Richard Roberts Joan Roberts ET3, '70-'75
Eric Sybenga   TM2, '68-'71
Tom Stratton   ETCS, '68-'72
Ray Wyatt Karen, Steve and Donna Wyatt
(wife and kids)
667 CO, '73-'76

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