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The 2004 USS Bergall Reunion in Saratoga Springs, NY !

Our guys started gathering on Wednesday and the city even had a mid-day concert in their Congress Park to honor the sub vets.

The park was all decked out in honor to the guys.

It was only a couple thousand vets gathered on the grounds but they were sure appreciative and enjoyed a nice tribute.

Some of our guys found seating on chairs... Tom Stratton, Dick Fiske, Andy and Carol Elnicki, Don Basham, Eric Sybenga, John Lynn, Sam Abernathy and Pat Murphy.

Some preferred to stand... Sam "Mac" McConnell

Some preferred to stay back a bit and enjoy it, Mike and Helen Eggleston.

A little wider angle gives it depth...

And from the "grassy slopes" they heard the local school play for them.

A nice shot of the honor guard, school band and speakers.

After the concert we were treated to a "re-enactment" of a revolutionary charge and canon fire.   They could have warned us, since the canon fire was so quick and loud that I think several pace-makers skipped a beat and quite a few folks came off their seat!

As part of the re-enactment, this young "soldier" was ready to attack the ducks... but it was a classic!.

After the concert Andy Elnicki, Tom Stratton, Glenn Hanson and Dicke Fiske catch the display.

In the park was this wonder full carousel... where we find Marion Hanson aboard...

Followed by Andy Elnicki...

And Carol Elnicki.

Back in the suite... Charles Mueller relaxes as Glenn Hanson gets his camera squared away while John Mosticone, Pat Murphy and Don Basham hold down the bar.  Charles' wife, Judy is opposite the room to him.

"Mac" McConnell gets busy as our Association treasurer while Andy Elnicki studies...

A better shot of the moment.

Some of the 320 crew gather... Norm Ferland, Carl and Marge Weber, Warren and Trudy Valero.

Trudy and Warren Valero found seating with Chuck Kennedy for a bit of talk.

Warren Valero and Marion Hanson meet up.

Don Basham enjoyed a chat with Mike Parenteau.

It looks like Anne McConnell and Marion Hanson just aren't very entertaining... and we know THAT'S not true!   Carol Elnicki is actually talking to her husband, just off-camera.

Although a moment later, Anne is enjoying and Marion was caught napping ..., nah, it just caught her blinking, right?

Carol, Anne and Marion without dramatic moments!

Eric "Sy" Sybenga and Sam Abernathy enjoy a tale in process.

John Mosticone, Pat Murphy and Don Basham share a thought.

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