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The reunion on September 17 - 22, 2002 in Duluth, Mn. was a blast!

    Here's the pictures from the reunion courtesy of Mike Parenteau, Don Small and Don Basham.

    The official welcome by the Duluth Sub Vets (+ ore boat bow)

    The Vista Star Dinner Boat (loading guests)

    Mary Ann Christiano, Karen Wyatt's Mother, Anne McConnell, Karen Wyatt and Yuko Basham

    Pat Murphy, Andy Elnicki, Dick Fiske

    Ray Wyatt

    Carl Weber

    Ore boat stern under aerial lift bridge

    Heading out for the cruise leaves a lighthouse in the wake.

   Mike Parenteau and Ken Caye

    Yuko and Don Basham

    Anne McConnell

    Eric Sybenga and Don Basham

    Mike Sobkowski and James Rostberg

    Sam Abernathy, Dick Fiske and
Eric Sybenga

    Time for dinner... a short line is nice for the Valeros.

    Karen Wyatt and her mom get started.

    Somebody always bucks the line for a snack.

    Folks are settling in for a nice meal.

    There's always time for "footsie".

    John Puras, Warren and Trudy Valero

    Don Small, Yuko Basham, Abe Kern, Jack Ford and Carol Polermo

    Kaye and Bob Peterson with Chuck Kennedy

    Rod and Rosemary Lovdal with Vonnie and Earl Daetz

    Don Basham, Ken Caye, Pete and Ronnie Peterman

    Lucinda (Cindy) Sobkowski, Angelo Christiano with Mike Sobkowski and Sam McConnell

    Jim and Kathy Rostberg with Carl Webber and Dick Fiske

    Steve and Jayne Dunphy and Mary Ann Christiano

    Anne McConnell, Andy and Carol Elnicki (Ray Wyatt and Pat Murphy seen over Anne's shoulder)

    Karen Wyatt, Sam Abernathy and Eric Sybenga

    Bob Peterson with Bergall Association T-Shirt (the big tease!)

    Kaye Peterson

   Back row: Sam McConnell, Andy Elnicki, Don Basham, Pat Murphy, Eric Sybenga, Steve Dunphy
   Front row: James Rostberg, Ray Wyatt, Mike Sobkowski, Sam Abernathy (667 crew)

    Lucy and Maryann Ott, Yuko Basham and Anne McConnell

    Dick Fiske and J.J. Ott

    Carl Weber and J.J. Ott... The camera caught Carl off guard, or he's about to kick somebody's ass?

    Dick Fiske, Carl Weber and Chuck Kennedy  (Carl may still be considering the above!)

    Angelo Christiano studying a war patrol story?

    Andy Elnicki, Steve Dunphy and Sam McConnell

    Rod Lovdal

    Don Small, Pat Murphy and Eric Sybenga salute a fun reunion

    Don Basham  (appears WAY too happy... they do call it a hospitality suite!)

    Carl Weber, Chuck Kennedy, Bob Peterson and Don Small

    J.J. and Maryann Ott

    Carol Palermo and John Puras in the Hospitality Suite

    WWII War Patrol crew members under her Battle Flag

    Carl Weber, Chuck Kennedy, Don Small and J.J. Ott

    Abe Kern with Maryann and J.J. Ott

    J.J. and Lucy Ott with John Puras, Rod Lovdal and Earl Daetz

    Abe Kern, J.J. Ott and Ken Caye off on a jaunt?

    "Dip me!"  John Puras and Maryann Ott take a spin.

   Back row: Bob Peterson Carl Weber, Abe Kern Warren Valero
   Middle row: Chuck Kennedy, Don Small J.J. Ott, John Puras
   Front row: Earl Daetz and Rod Lovdal (320 crew)

   Back row: Steve Dunphy, Pat Murphy, Bob Peterson, Carl Weber, Abe Kern, Warren Valero, John Puras Rod Lovdal
   Middle row: Dick Fiske, Chuck Kennedy, Don Small, J.J. Ott, Don Basham
   Front row: Eric Sybenga, Earl Daetz, Angelo Christiano, Andy Elnicki, Mike Sobkowski

    320 and 667 guys under the Bergall's Battle Flag (same as above)

    Here's a neat Duluth building!

    The skywalk escalator

We have an initial attending list as follows:


Accompanying Party

  SS-320 Tour  



Accompanying Party

  SSN-667 Tour  
Ken Caye   '56-'57, SO2 Sam Abernathy   '68-'70, FTGU2
Earl Daetz Vonnie '49-'52, EM3 Don Basham Yuko '70-'75, RM1
Jack Ford Carol Palermo family Angelo Christiano Mary Ann '71-'75, YN1
Chuck Kennedy   '44, EM2 Steve Dunphy Jayne '68-'72, MM(?) 
Abe Kern   '54-'55, EN3 Andy Elnicki Carol '68-'72, EM1
Rod Lovdal Rosemary  '49-'56, SO1 Dick Fiske   '69-'71, FTGC
John Ott Lucy and Maryann   '44-'57, ENCA Sam McConnell Anne  '70-'75, ICC
Mike Parenteau   son of Joe Pat Murphy   '69-'72, SK3
John Puras   '52-'56, EMCA  Eugene "Pete" Peterman  Ronnie Friends
Bob Peterson Kaye '49-'51, ET2  James Rostberg Kathy '76-'79, STS2
Don Small Rose Mary  '44-'45, RT2 Michael Sobkowski Lucinda '72-'77, FTG1
Warren Valero Trudy  '46-'48, MoMM3 Eric Sybenga   '68-'71, TM2
Carl Weber   '45, RM3 Ray Wyatt Karen and
her mother 
'73-'76, CDR (CO)

The next reunion was in September of 2003 and in "wife-friendly" Reno, Nevada.   Click here for the highlights

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