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The 2009 Groton/New London Reunion Listing
and activity schedule.

Name Accompanying Party Tour

( 320 Crew )

Mike Brood   Son of Arlie
Nishan Derderian   CRT, '44-'45
Norm Ferland   RM2, '55-'58
Sid Hoialmen Doug Hoialmen RM1, '44-'45
John Huszai Sue Cline TM3, '49-'53
Charlie Kennedy Dot Kennedy EM2, '44
Abe Kern   EN3, '54-'55
Matthew Kopcza Shari Kopcza QM3, '57-'58
Rod Lovdal   SO1, '49-'56
Mike Parenteau   Son of "plankie" Joe, QM3
Lucy Ott Maryann Ott Wife and daughter of J.J.
Carl Weber Marge Weber RM3, '45

( 667 Crew )

Roy Aders Sandy Aders ET1, '68-'69
Ted Ansink Claire Ansink IC2, '69-'73
Don Basham Yuko Basham RMC, '70-'75
Jon Blomberg MM1, '68-'72
Angelo Christiano Mary Anne Christiano YNC, '71-'75
Gerald A. Cyrul MM2, '75-'77
Rich DiBlasi Roseann DiBlasi, Michael and Barbara Kolaric ETN2, '74-'78
Mike Dobrolet Caroline Dobrolet MMC, '71-'75
John Duddy Joan Duddy YNC, '68-'70
Mike Eggleston Helen Eggleston EM2, '70-'71
Andy Elnicki Carol Elnicki EM1, '68-'71
Lyle Erickson   YN3, '69-'73
Dick Fiske Pat Fiske FTGC, '69-'71
Jim Gray Maureen "Moe" Gray and
Bill Yeider
FTG1, '71-'76
Sam Hornreich   ETN2, '68-'70
Gaylord Humphries Benjamas Humphries ETC, '91-'95
Leslie Jacobi Paulette "Charles" Jacobi LCDR, '68-'74
Richard (Jonesy) Jones Patricia( Patty) Jones QM2, '68-'71
Bob Lenherr Eileen Lenherr MMCS, '82-'85
John Lynn Patti Lynn EM1, '68-'70
Ben Matthews Tory Matthews MM2, '75-'79
Richard (Muk) McCann Peggy McCann MM2, '75-'77
Sam McConnell Anne McConnell ICC, '70-'75
Charlie Mueller Judy Mueller RM2, '72-'75
James Murphy Cora Murphy ET1, '71-'76
Pat Murphy   SK3, '69-'72
David Padora Ann Marie Padora TM2, '70-'73
Gerald Page   MM2, '74-'78
Doug Riels   SK2, '68-'70
Rick (Robbie) Roberts Joan Roberts ET3, '70-'74
Mark Smetana Helen Smetana MM1, '75-'79
Mike Sobkowski Cindy Sobkowski FTG1, '72-'77
Donald Stephenson Becky Stephenson STS1, '75-'80
Jeffry Stober Lou Stober ET1, '68-'70
Tom Stratton Ray Marineau ETCS, '69-'73
Frank Walters   ET1, '68-'70
Mike Ward Maureen Ward CS2, '68-'70
Ray Wyatt Karen Wyatt CO, '73-'76
William "Al" Yancey Kris Yancey FTG2, '69-'72
WHEN: for Sept. 10-14, 2009

Radisson Hotel New London
35 Governor Winthrop Boulevard
New London, CT 06320

WHO: All officers, crewmembers, wives and family of the SS 320, SSN 667 and S_324 and
families and friends of shipmates who are "Resting Their Oars" are also always welcome.
HOSPITALITY The Bergall Hospitality Suite has always been a hit... and we had another nice one, nice and local to our rooms.
BERGALL DINNER The Dinner was held Saturday night in the hotel's banquet room and a wonderful buffet proved delightful, with quite a nice selection to choose from.
SPECIAL EVENTS: Thursday 10 Sept. Attendees began to arrive and stock hospitality room on or after noon.

Friday 11 Sept. 9:00 AM    Class, USS Bergall SS-320 SSN-667 graduation followed by a tour of the training facilities.
Lunch at the Sub Base Galley "Cross Hall Dining Facility"

Friday 11 September 2009
All tour participants meet at the Radisson Hotel
for transportation to Wilkinson Hall via Constitution Coach Co.
0745 Constitution Coach Inc. at Radisson Hotel, New London, CT
0830  Arrive for screening                                       GATE SEVEN
0845-0900    Travel to Wilkinson Hall Auditorium for graduation exercises of Class 09400 (USS Bergall SS 320 / SSN 667 of Basic Enlisted Submarine School.                                                                  WILKINSON HALL
0930 (Approx) Graduation exercises conclude and guests are reassembled into  2 Bergall touring parties for trainer visits

0930‑1000    Virginia Ship Control Trainer (VSCOT) PENNINGTON HALL      (MMC (SS) Christopher Franks / MMCS (SS) George Hunt, 2187)
1000-1005    Depart Pennington/Arrive  English Hall
1005-1035    SPAN Submarine Piloting and Navigation Trainer        ENGLISH HALL     (ETC (SS) Andrew Frischer, 5259)                  
1035-1040    Depart English/Arrive Vahsen Hall
1040-1110    Damage Control Trainer VAHSEN HALL         (MMCS (SS) Donald Mikolajczak, 2192)
1110-1115    Depart Vahsen/Arrive Wilkinson Hall
1115-1145    Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS) WILKINSON HALL     (MMC (SS) James Ambrosia /  MMC (SS) Christopher Schaeffer, 2085)
1145-1150    Depart Wilkinson/Arrive Cross Hall
1150-1250    Lunch at The Galley CROSS HALL

0930‑1000    SPAN Submarine Piloting and Navigation Trainer        ENGLISH HALL    (ETC (SS) Andrew Frischer, 5259)
1000-1005    Depart English/Arrive Vahsen Hall
1005-1035    Damage Control Trainer        VAHSEN HALL    (MMCS (SS) Donald Mikolajczak, 2192)
1035-1040    Depart Vahsen/Arrive Wilkinson Hall
1040-1110   Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS) WILKINSON HALL  (MMC (SS) James Ambrosia / MMC (SS) Christopher Schaeffer, 2085)         
1110-1115   Depart Wilkinson/Arrive Pennington Hall
Virginia Ship Control Trainer (VSCOT) PENNINGTON HALL     (MMC (SS) Christopher Franks / MMCS (SS) George Hunt, 2187)
1145-1150    Depart Wilkinson/Arrive Cross
1150-1250    Lunch at The Galley          CROSS HALL
At conclusion of lunch, all reunion guests will reassemble and be brought to HS Nautilus and Submarine Force Library and Museum for tour
1645 Bus returns to Radisson Hotel

Saturday 12 Sept. 1:00 PM Annual Meeting.
6:00 PM Cocktails prior to buffet

6:30 PM Buffet
Auction following dinner.

Sunday 13 Sept. Open to tour local attractions.

Richard L. Fiske   (FTGC) (69-71)
315 Holly Road
Wakefield, RI 02879-4928
(401) 789-7099

(Please send changes or updates to Mike Brood

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