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The Bergall's Official and specialty Patches!

The official patch for the SSN 667 was the "shield and stars". The five stars represented the 5 war patrols made by her namesake, USS Bergall SS-320 during World War II.    This patch remained as the emblem of the Bergall.

And, of course, the shoulder tad...

This, more elaborate patch, came into use in the 80's.
It included their boat's motto and a rendering of a submariner's "Dolphins".

A "Blue Nose" ceremony is authorized when a submarine crosses the Artic Circle.   There is 'unofficial' ceremonies to initiate those that have never achieved this feat.   In earlier years the boats would, physically, have their nose painted blue to indicate this achievement.   With the increased secrecy, this action was often not "officially" recognized but the ceremony at sea was not to de denied!

"We did have an opportunity in '80 and '81 to hold a Blue Nose ceremony, twice as a matter of fact.   The ports listed are obviously those we pulled in.   Refit in Holy Loch, a little liberty in Faslane between runs, and then a few days in Halifax at the end to blow off some steam before returning to port.   One of those runs was 70 days. The longest I made.   We had to eat our way down to the deck.   There is also a cruise book from that run.   It was over Christmas and there are some great pictures of Christmas at sea (including me in a kilt, sporren, and top hat made from cleaning rags by Crazy Fred Baumbach as a Christmas gift) as well as several from the Blue Nose Ceremony.   Including QM1 Verdel (itchy-bro or Turtle depending on who you talk to) Myers posing as the Royal Baby with a cherry in his greased up belly button (we had to fish it out with our tongue) and the Captain, Reid Smith in his King Neptune crown with the sea witch."
(Gary Kelch, MM1 (SS))

"I have one of those 80-81 patches, still in the original wrapper!   We left Norfolk, I think, in Sept. and returned back to Norfolk in Feb."
(Harry Miller, STS-2 (SS))

This patch surfaced a while back and we asked the guys if they remembered it... here's a few of the guys that "been there, done that".

"Unless I'm mistaken, the Warhead Patch is from the 1980-'82 time period.   The first person depicted is TM1 Desimone, number three is TM3 Ware, Number 4 is TM3 LaBlanche.   I can remember the faces of some of the others, but not the names.   Also I am not completely sure of the spelling of the names. I was onboard in the early 80's."
(Andrew J McKay, USN (RET), TMCS(SS))

"This was something that the Dinkle Brothers came up with.   STS1(SS) Don Altizer, STS(SS) Mark Neisser, STS1(SS) Burt Moreland, STS1 (SS) Chris Stacy and STSC(SS) Mike St. Jean."
(Harry Miller)

TM1(SS) Al Desimone is in the lead up front, next is Brook Lankgens, then Mitchell Kim Ware, Patrick LeBlanc (me),  Walter Shivers and then Tex Walker.    Brooks and I made second shortly after this and Mitchell made it the next cycle.
(Patrick LeBlanc)


The 3rd specialty patch reflects the ports of call from her '82 Mediterranean run.

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