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The Bergall Patches

Mostly this new patch from W. Valero represents the date "13" which was prominent in Bergall history. This patch was designed by Maureen Devletian (daughter of Warren Valero) for a subvet convention about 1996 in California. The design was approved by Carl Weber in lieu of any "original" patch that, at the time, could not be located. It was also felt that this patch was a bit more appropriate for a convention jacket than the "Bergall's Girl".

The original battle flag was designed and sewn by Joe Parenteau. It had the appropriate meatballs and rising suns for her credited sinkings. It also showed a fish representing the Bergall (Cunner) fish (taken from Joe's best friend and shipmate Robert Faselt who also drew the fish on the precommissioning party menu.), a horseshoe with the tangs turned down (so luck would spill on the crew?) and the number "13". Arthur Herdzik (aboard for patrols 3, 4 and 5) remembers there also being a four-leaf clover on the flag. The flag had not been located through many years of research by this son of a Bergall sailor...   for more info on the flag... click here

Near the end of the Bergall's final war patrols Robert "Bobby Sox" Faselt drew up the "Bergall's Girl" for the boat. The "13" inside of an upturned horseshoe representing that dates importance to "special" events for the boat, the mine to indicate the mine that exploded SO close on her fifth patrol that she had to retire from the war and the girl... that represented... well... the girl! This design adorned seabags and jackets of some of her crew and many drawings were carried home. For a full screen image of the girl, click here.

These next two are the only known "official patches" of the USS Bergall.

Later in the the Bergall's career, this patch appeared.   Duane Barcus provided us a scan of his original from when he served on her (from 10-'55 to 11-'56). It also contains the torpedo and the mine.   This is the earliest known "Official Bergall Patch".   (Thanks Duane)

Want a 1955 replica patch?   Parke Spicer has had a few made up... get one while there are a few left!

Probably just  before we gave her to Turkey, this "Shield" patch came into existence.   Thanks to Gordon "Zeke" McClaflin's son (Brian) for providing the scan of his dad's patch.   Gordon served on her from '57 to '58 on the old girl (qualifying in Aug. of '58).   Along with this patch, a few cigarette lighters, belt buckles and brass plaques were made up for the crew.   These are extremely rare.

In time for her reunion in 2000, Warren Valero created a patch of the "Bergall's Girl" from the drawings of Robert "Bobby Sox" Faselt.   The mighty Bergall Girl, once more, is worn with pride by many of her crew!   I'm sure this makes "Bobby Sox" smile down on them!

Then there's the FALSE patch...

Around 1992, McGroggan Patch Company saw that they didn't have a patch for the 320 to "fill" their catalog... so they took the "shield" design of the nuclear Bergall (SSN 667) and "created" the "Mighty Bee" for the 320 to fill his "empty spot". There never WAS a "Mighty Bee" and since the Bergall EARNED 4 war patrol stars there is NO WAY they would display 5!!! The commissioning skipper of the 667 designed HIS patch with the 5 stars to represent ALL of the 320's war patrols but McGroggan Patch didn't check into any of this.

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