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An Old Memory is found!

During the war patrols, a notch was filed into the hydraulic manifold frame for each ship sunk with the depth of each notch representing the tonnage of the ship sunk.

She carried this record all of her days until late in 1985.     In '58 she was loaned to Turkey and in '73 she was sold outright to them. She had been renamed the Turgutreis (S342).     In '85 an unusual meeting of the two Bergalls brought about the transfer of her hydraulic manifold frame member and a depth gauge from the old girl.    At that time she was 41 years old.    This hydraulic manifold was in the after torpedo room and we know how those guys were known to do some weird things (grin).

“During a Mediterranean deployment in 1985, the USS Bergall (SSN 667) was privileged to be the guest submarine for the Sub Group Eight Submarine Birthday Ball in Naples.     After the Ball and a weekend of liberty in Naples, we had a two day VIP cruise to La Madellena, Sardnia.     The VIP’s were Radm C. Apatay, Commander Turkish Submarine Group and Radm Eyetchyeson, Com Sub Group Eight.

Admiral Apatay had been the first Turkish CO of the ex- Turgutreis (S342), which was the former ex- Bergall (SS 320).     During the VIP cruise, Admiral Apatay presented me with the depth gauge from the aft torpedo room and a portion of the hydraulic manifold frame from the ex- Bergall.     The inscription on the hydraulic manifold frame reads:

The hydraulic manifold operator of the USS Bergall engraved a mark on this front part of the manifold after each enemy ship had been sunk during the Second World War. The deepness of the marks represents the tonnage of each sunken enemy ship. It is a great pleasure for me to present this very valuable part of the USS Bergall (SS 320) (Ex- TCG Turgutreis S-342) to USS Bergall (SSN 667)."
Commander Turkish Submarine Group
Radm C. Apatay
15th April, 1985

"The hydraulic manifold frame and aft torpedo room depth gauge were both displayed in the wardroom of the USS Bergall (SSN 667).” Dennis W. Gibbs, CDR, USN

“When a ship decommissions anything of historical value (ship's silver etc) goes to the Navy History Center/Museum in Washington DC at the Navy Yard.     In our case, the Undersea Warfare Museum in Keyport Washington was in the process of opening an interactive SSN display based on a 637 class control room so we did provide some items to them from both BERGALLs.

As part of Memorial day 1996, we participated in a ceremony there and one of the items donated was the notched hydraulic manifold which had been proudly displayed in 667's wardroom for many years.”
Captain George Manaskie, decommissioning Commander, USS Bergall (SSN 667)

The manifold and depth gauge are not yet on display at the museum.     A proper display is being planned for the presentation of these items.     A couple pieces of her made it home!

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