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Memories of John Lynn

I served in the Navy from July 1963 to March 1971. I served aboard the Bergall from 11 March, 1968 to 1 May, 1970. I was an Electricians Mate 2 (SS) when I reported aboard on 16 April 1969 Cdr Talley promoted me to EM1 (SS). I left the navy on a disability.

I answered the first back emergency bell during sea trails and I answered it rather fast. Admiral Rickover was behind me jumping up and down and yelling that I was going to break his plant. When everything stabilized, I turned to the Admiral and said, "See it didn't break.".

We received an outstanding from the admiral. One of few he ever gave.

Rickover was a classic bully, only mean until you stood up to him... Captain Tally stood up to Rickover.

John Lynn EM1(SS)