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Submarine and Computer Related Links

The Best Films And TV Source Site
Find that actor, director, movie or TV show and get details.
It probably doesn't hurt that the Wyatt family are deeply involved !!!

The Dolphin Scholarship Foundation
Dolphin Scholarship Foundation grants are available, on a competitive basis, to high school or college children/stepchildren (unmarried, under age 24 at time of deadline) of:
(1) members or former members of the Submarine Force who have qualified in submarines and have served in the Submarine Force for at least eight years; or of
(2) Navy members who have served in submarine support activities (e.g., submarine bases, tenders, and rescue vessels) for a minimum of ten years.

The Fleet Manual
Trying to remember a qual question?   Here's the book you trained on with diagrams and pictures (even an EN can be entertained).

Pearl Harbor Sub Base
Did you serve in Hawaii?   Look at these old pics from the base and remember the fun that was had!

United States Submarine Veterans, Inc.   Veteran organization dedicated to all that served on submarines.

Bergall Crew Bidding on EBAY
On-Line Auction House for damn near everything.   Make sure you aren't bidding against a fellow crew member. 

The Kitchen Table Gang
This not-for-profit group works to lessen the bleakness that permeates most Veterans Health Administration hospitals.

Submarine Web Sites
Looking for another boat?   Try here!!!

Find a shipmate
Trying to find a shipmate from another boat? Look here.

The After Battery Rat
Read Dex Armstrong's hilarious accounts of life on a sub and liberty activities. Find out why dad won't talk about his submarine days!

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park
Home of the W.W. II Submarine USS Bowfin, SS 287. Located in Honolulu, Hawaii. This site has many pictures of the interior of a Balao sub in sparkling condition. Take the tour!

The USS Ling
New Jersey Naval Museum, home of the W.W. II Submarine USS LING SS 297. Located in Hackensack, New Jersey. This site has many pictures and data on the sub as well as the museum.

Warships of the World
This page has lots of research and info on ships and boats.

Visit NavWeps
Weapons, Naval Technology and Naval Reunions.

Urban Legends, Myths, Scams, etc.
Urban Legends Reference Page
Urban Legends and Folklore
Truth or
Scams, Frauds, Hoaxes & Chain Letters on the Net

Virus detection and E-Mail control
Symantec Virus announcements
A free anti- virus program
Get e-mail preview to reduce spam and block unwanted senders

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