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"This picture of the Bergall was taken by Lt. Les Jacobi during our shakedown cruise as we pulled into the pier at Fredericksted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. The person whose head can been seen on the bridge leaning off the starboard side might be least that's what I have told people. " (Pat Murphy)

Here's a dark video of the ceremony...

Inactivation Crew
USS Bergall, SSN 667

"On behalf the crew of USS BERGALL, I extend a warm welcome to today's inactivation ceremony, the culmination of twenty-six years of faithful service in the defense of our nation. We are proud of BERGALL’s superior reputation and her many accomplishments.

This ceremony is a tribute to the ship and it’s crew as she prepares for decommissioning. Today, the ship’s colors and commissioning pennant will be lowered and the watches secured as part of the ceremony. These solemn proceedings are a salute to the success of the ship and the men who sailed her. We are glad you could join us to witness this historic event."

George E. Manaskie, Commander, United States Navy, Commanding Officer
4 August 1995


Commander George E. Manaskie (Commanding Officer), Lieutenant Commander Robert J. Brennan (Executive Officer), LCDR Douglas E. Wright (Engineer Officer), LT Allen M. Marcum (Combat Systems Officer), LT Kent F. Kester (Navigator), LTJG Lawrence E. Reese (Supply Officer), LT John V. Bills (Communicator), LT Charles H. Maher (Fire Control Officer), LT Leo M. Watson (Damage Controls Assistant), LT Robert J. Jezek (Reactor Control Assistant), LTJG Joel S. Lovegren (Main Propulsion Assistant), LTJG Lowell S. Rust (Prospective Nuclear Engineer Training), LTJG Joshua R. Hepola (Electrical Officer), LTJG Kevin J. Schmidt ( Chemistry/Radiological Assistant)


ETCM(SS) Howard Adams (Chief of the Boat), STSCM(SS) Michael DeLorenzo, MMCS(SS) Paul Gurske, MMCS(SS) Gary Galles, MMC(SS) Bruce Wallin, MMC(SS) Charles Baylor, ETC(SS) Mark Collins, ETC(SS) Steven Ritch, QMC(SS) Gaylord Humphries, RMC(SS) George Henderson, FTC(SS) Bilal Rashed, FTC(SS) Ralph Brown, TMC(SS) Ronald Duncan, HMC(SS) Frank Diaz, FMC(SS) William Beglau


Mrs. Barbara Whitehead, Mrs. Tina Ponsler


MIDN I/C Brinkmeier (Carmel), MIDN I/C Grigg (Carmel), MIDN 2/C Feldman (Duke), MIDN 2/C Cottrill (Hampton), MIDN 2/C Trichel (Cal. Berkley)


EM3(SS) John Alden, ET3(SS) Ryan Alfrey, RM1(SS) John Alvarez, IC2(SS) Edward Apel, MM2(SS) Johnny Apodaca, MMI(SS) Gregory Arends, STSSN(SS) Jesse Ayers, QM3(SS) Larry Baker, MM2(SS) David Baxter, Jr., TM2(SS) Jesse Bendily III, FT2(SS) Ronald Bergeron, SK2(SS) Vernon Biby, SN(SS) James Blaney, Jr., STSSN(SS) Nicholas Bouza, EM2(SS) Patrick Brown, ICFN(SS) Jason Burns, MM3(SS) Michael Butkus, MMI(SS) Charles Byers, MM3(SS) David Cabrera, MM2(SS) Nathan Carlson, TMSN(SS) Jeremy Chapman, MM2(SS) Wilbur Chatterton, STS2(SS) Jimmy Cisneros, MM3(SS) Christopher Cochran, TM3(SS) Wayne Cohron, ET1 (SS) William Cox, Jr., EM3(SS) Andrew Cooper, QM1(SS) Gary Davis, ET3(SS) James Deramus, MM3(SU) Brian Dew, MM1 (SS) Robert Doyon, STS3(SS) Christopher Duffield, MM2(SS) Destry Edwards, RM3(SS) Carlos Foster, STS3(SS) Brian Frick, IC2(SS) Daniel Friess, MM3(SS) Eric Fritz, MM1SS) William Gallagher, SK2(SS) Kevin Gardner, YN1(SS) Robert Grantham, MM3(SS) Enzo Grilli, Jr., RM3(SS) Gary Hankins, STSSA(SU) David Hart, TM3(SS) Gary Hayes, Jr., MM3(SU) Steven Henneman, ET2(SS) Lyle Hildebrand, , MMFN(SS) Andrew Hoffmann, ET2(SS) Andrew Hurd, MM2(SU) Nicholas Hutchinson, FT3(SS) Richard Jester, ET2(SS) Matthew Johnson, MS1(SS) Carlos Jones, IC1(SS) Allen Jonovitch, RM3(SS) Michael Karol-Chik, STS3(SS) Robert Kitner, QMSA(SU) Louis Kousoulos, MM1(SS) Mile Lang, MM1(SS) Mark Langston, EM2(SS) Timothy Larock, SK1(SS) Donald Lassiter, FT3(SS) David Macon, ET3(SU) Thomas McGrew, FT1(SS) James McKenzie, ET3(SS) Duncan McKeough, ET2(SU) Michele Messina, RM3(SS) John Nichols, MM3(SU) Kevin Nolan, EM1(SS/DV) Michael Nurre, STS1(SS) Richard Otto, ET3(SS) Andrew Owens, EM3(SU) Dennis Paden, MM1(SS) Todd Pavey, MM2(SS) Dennis Pendergrass, Jr., ET3(SU) John Phillips, YN3(SS) David Pierce, EM1(SS) Joseph Ponsler, QM1(SS) David Powell, TSSA(SU) Fredrick Prince, MM3(SS) Monty Procter, MM2(SS) Quinten Pullen, YN3(SU) Shawn Quinn, EM1(SS) Robert Reynolds, MM2(SS) Philip Rew, MM2(SS) Tyrone Robinson, MS2(SS) Steven Roldan, 2(SS) Keith Sadler, STS3(SS) Christian Schultz, IC1(SS) Bruce Scott, TM2(SS) David Simmon, MS2(SS) Reginald Snellings, STS1(SS) Dwain Springer, STS3(SS) Stephen Spulin, SK2(SS) David Stein, SN(SS) Justin Stewart, YN2(SS) Keith Stolarek, RM2(SS/DV) Robert Stumpf, STS3(SS) David Svea, FT3(SS) Jamil Teasley, MM3(SS) Joshua Thayer, ET2(SS) Patrick Walker, EM3(SU) David Walton, MM3(SS) Jamie Watson, MM3(SS) Michael Weber, MS2(SS) David Whitaker, ET1(SS) Jerome Whitehead, ET2(SS) Frank Williams, Jr.


Her final decommissioning was on the west coast of Washington State...

She served us all so very well.   Her stories and deeds will be secret for many years but there's one thing we all know...
What she needed to do she did... and her crew can be damn proud!

That's the commissioning skipper, Billy Tally, attending the inactivation of "his" boat.
(these pictures are courtesy of John Mosticone from May 30, 1996.)

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