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The Holiday Flag of the USS Bergall, 1983


"My son, Charlie Kelch, plays for the West Springfield Little League here in Springfield, VA.   Last year we lost one of the Dads, to a heart attack, who did volunteer work.   Many folks from the league donated money to the league in his name, as was his family's wish. 

With the money, we installed a 30 foot high flag pole in the middle of our facility.   At the opening day ceremonies they put up the flag, a dinky little thing that the flag pole company had included with the purchase of the pole.   It looked lost, like a postage stamp on a huge envelope. 

We had to come back to the fields later that day for our first game of the season and I brought with me a 3 1/2' x 9' flag that I had packed away in my basement.    This is a holiday flag that I got from the Bergall as I was leaving active duty.    I had packed it away in 1983, saving it for "some day."    After seeing that, less then impressive flag that came with the pole, I could not think of a more fitting duty for my Bergall flag then standing watch over our kids playing America's favorite past-time sport, baseball. 

So, the pictures attached here are Bergall's holiday flag, flying once more, in a worthy cause."



Donated and Courtesy of Gary Kelch, MM1, 79-83

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(from the guys... Thanks Gary, you done good!)


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