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The Velvet Elvis resurfaces !

   Under curious circumstances (nobody has released the story yet!) the ward room on the Bergall became the proud owner of a velvet painting of Elvis.   It wasn't some tiny thing that you would get in Tijuana but a nice big item that nobody would miss noticing... especially on the ward room wall of a fast attack submarine!  

   Until just recently it was thought to hang on somebody's "I love me" wall... that is until our Brad Deramus spotted it.   "During Bergall's last years,
we had a huge velvet Elvis hanging in the wardroom. I had often wondered what became of it, and I am sure others did too. Last year I went to Graceland and there it was, in the fan museum, saying that it was donated from the USS Bergall SSN-667. I believe that it is the only velvet Elvis in Graceland."

I got in touch with those folks and they were real nice to snap some pictures for us.   If any of you get over there... how about getting some nice high resolution pictures for our archives?

"Yes, we do have in our collection the painting you mentioned and it came with a brass plaque that told it was from the USS Bergall. It is on display in a Graceland museum called "Sincerely Elvis" which currently has an exhibit dedicated to Elvis' fans.   It is in the "Fan Art" section.   Our exhibits do change from time to time, but as of this writing, there are no plans to remove that artifact at this time.

You would be correct in advising your crew that it is currently on display, and we look forward to their visiting Graceland to see it. As to your request for  a picture to post on your web site, I'll have to pass that question on to the proper department and they will get back to you.

Thank your guys for serving our country and in honoring Elvis on your submarine.    He was a great patriot and would have been very pleased.

Thank you,
Susan M. Sherwood
Photography Assistant
Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc."

In all it's glory, it found a new home!


"Elvis and Elvis Presley are registered trademarks with the USPTO."

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