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Memories of Cyle Doran

Hello to all Bergall SSN 667 crew,

My memories of my time on the Bergall include the yards; hours and hours of clean-up followed by 3 months of "hurry-up and get it done", installing the new Sonar, testing all the equipment, stowing everything for sea and I even got to crank for 2 weeks in the yards.   I was even sent TDY to the USS La Jolla in San Diego and went on a good run to cold water where I qualified as advanced sonar operator.   I want to express thanks to Tom Kutts, Mike McGlynn, and Pat Davis (the Sonar God ) for all they did for me... great guys all of them.

The Norfolk Days

Wow, we were at sea a lot but sure had some great times at Hollylock and Rotterdam.   Man, sonar had a tough time keeping a boss.   We lost chief (Droopy Dog) to a bad case of Weapons officer and Sonar div discontent.   This left Ken Malony and I trying to keep all the guys (and ourselves) outa trouble.   

The Handy Yard Truck

I remember we were at Groton and we were late for the fire control trainer so we ran to the end of the pier and there was a small yard truck parked in the COB's parking place so I jumped in and crank it up and all the guys jumped on.   Just as I was pulling away the CO (Reardon) comes by and I asked if he wanted a ride but he said, "No thanks, I have a car", so of we went just ahead of the CO's car at the gate to lower base where the guard made all the guys get off the truck.   The CO picked them up and off we go to the trainer (you know, all the way up the hill). Well, I parked the little truck by the building and we went to training (like 5 hours worth) so we got done and I went outside expecting the little truck to be gone, but there it was, keys and all, so we all loaded up and headed back to the boat for surf and turf cooked on the pier.   I get to the pier and parked and just as I am about 10 feet from the truck a civilian shipyard worker runs over to me and asks if I saw who was driving this truck.   I said, "No, sorry.", and head for the brow.   I ducked below and got ready to eat and hit the town.

Well, the next week we are underway and COB Nelson wants to see me so I went down to the Goat locker and he said "Did you know someone in Sonar stole a yard truck in Groton and kept it all day?".   Well, I said, "Wow, that Guy has some big brass ones.  I would sure like to meet him."   He gave me long look and said, "Petty Officer Doran, do you think something like this will EVER happen again?".   Well, I see that he is cutting me a huge break so of course I tell him that there is no way will that ever happen again.  He was a good and fair man God Bless Him.

Well, I have a few other good ones too, but will save that for another time. 

Hey all you Sonarmen, Ken, Ivan, John, Charlie, Joe, Jimbo, Mike G. Mike Leyoung and Larry Kobal... you guys made life cool so drop me a line and let me know how life is treating you all.

Cyle Doran, 85-90, STS2


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