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Commissioning Party, 1944

This original menu was signed by some of the original commissioning crew of the SS-320, at their attendance of the inactivated on August 4, 1995 of the nuclear USS Bergall, SSN-667... Robert Belkowski, Ted Drought, Orin Purintun, Michael Karhan, John Van Fossen, Charles Kennedy.   This prized menu was presented to Mike Brood from plank owner Don Small at the 2000 Bergall reunion!

A commissioning party was held in New London, Conn. at Polly's Inn on May 19, 1944 for the guys and their gals. Officers, crew and their respective wives and girlfriends attended and it was a time to relax before heading out to war.

The cake, in the shape of the sub, was cut by Mrs. Hyde and, as can be seen, the food was substantial and diverse. The Commander, other Bergall officers, a few chiefs and their respective wives look on.  

Left to right:
(front row) Chief John Koffman (CCS), Lt. Bob Ison and his wife Susan, the skipper and Mrs. Hyde, (2 unknown girls), Nancy and Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Kimmel, (Two unknown sailors), Chief Harold Martin (CPhM) (his wife, Helen, is behind him with her arm around his shoulder).
(back row) Ensign George Welch with his girlfriend, Lt. James Nickerson and his wife Kathleen, Ensign Orin Purintun, Ensign Melvin Martin, Mary Catherine and her husband, Lt. Harold Drew, Edith and her husband, Chief Arthur Beeman.

Commander Johnny Hyde (with his wife, Margaret) took the mike and opened the evenings festivities.

The party is about to start!

Commander Johnny Hyde and Margaret took a turn on the floor.

The entertainment was 'locally' requested of the guys to join in and have fun... (Thanks to Bob Ison for saving this!)

Junior Officers gathered to entertain at the 'mike'.

(left to right) Lt. Harold Drew (Ass. Engineering), Ensign Orin Purintun (Comm. ), Lt. James Nickerson (Engineering and Diving), Lt. Robert Ison (Torpedo and Gunnery, as well as a former all star football hero from Georgia Tech.), Lt.-Cmdr Thomas Kimmel (Executive Officer and son of Admiral Kimmel,... Commander in charge of Pearl harbor on Dec. 7, 1941) and Chief Art Beeman (Chief Of The Boat 'COB')

Congestion at the "mike" during speeches.   Chief Arthur Beeman directs as RM1 Thomas Baker is singing.   Directly behind Baker's left shoulder, holding the paper, is MoMM2 Blaine Todd from Des Moines, Iowa.   Todd went to Callanan Junion High School with crew member S1 George Marquis, who supplied these wonderful treasures.

RM3 Sidney Hoialman and his girlfriend pause for the camera.

A cheer to the camera.

Ensign Melvin Martin (1st Lt. of the boat), Lt. Bob Ison and Lt. Jim Nickerson. Note custom 'ID Tags' drawn by Robert 'Bobby Sox' Faselt.
Faselt also drew the 'Bergall Girl' for the boat around 1945 and even painted her on a seabag or two. One sailor had her on the back of a jacket, 'til he walked in his mother's home on liberty... it wasn't acceptable at home at the time. It went the way of many memories!

Lt. Cmdr. Kimmel with his wife, Nancy, and Lt. Cmdr. Hyde with Margaret, an officer and his wife from the sub base and three unknown females take a break in the corner booth.

The Chiefs grab the corner booth!

(Clockwise from lower center) Chief William Anderson (CMoMM) and his wife, unknown girl, Chief Arthur Beeman (CTM & COB) and his wife, Edith, Chief Carl Lewis (CM0MM) and his wife, Claire, Chief Hermon Little (CEM) and his 'gal', Chief Harold Martin (CPhM) and his wife, Helen, Chief John Koffman (CCS) and his wife.

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