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Front row seated left to right:
Chief William R. Anderson - Chief Herman T. Little - Chief Lawrence F. Hubbard - Chief Harold L. Martin - Ensign Melvin H. Martin - Ensign Edward G. Welch -Lt. Harold E. Drew - Lt. Cmdr Thomas K. Kimmel - Lt. Cmdr John M. Hyde - Lt. James D. Nickerson - Lt. Robert L. Ison - Ensign Orin S. Purintun - Chief Carl L. Lewis - Chief John W. Koffman -Chief Arthur M. Beeman (COB).

Second row standing left to right:
Sidney A. Hoialmen - Allen C. Cook - James B. Archibald - Nathan (N.) Han - Walter A.Gallie - Robert A. Belkowski - Michael J. Karhan - Jack B. Gibb - Allen T. Miller - Frank E. Ludwig - Ed R. Branin - Nishan Derderian - Robert V. Kintz - Thomas S. Baker - Nick H. Glenn.

Third row left to right:
Lester C. McEwen - George S. Marquis - Robert W. Faselt - P. A. Nielson - Merle E. Jacobson - Irving B. Thompson - Robert E. Winters - Roy L. Hill, Jr. - Charles A. Nicklas- Francis J. Witkowski - Richard E. Bryan - Albert L. Hoffman - Oscar C. Kennerly - Blaine O. Todd - George A. Oliver - George O. Benike - Harry J. Argentino.

Fourth row left to right:
Keith E. Herington - Leo P. Boucher - Hugh (Bud) J. Trimble - John Joseph Ott - Frank (N) Vodopich - William P. Rice - Leslie W.Foss - Robert M. Conlin - Frank D. Romito - Charles A. Kennedy, Jr. -William O. Bort - Joseph L. Burns - Ken N. Cost - Leeman H. Phelps - Robert W. Ashabraner - Leonard B. Bilbro - Paul M. Wanhaaho (Fields) - Lawrence J. Regan.

Missing from the photo is: Melvin C. Allen, Ted H. Drought, Paul E. Hess, Preston S. Nonnemacher, Donald C. Small, Patrick O. Smith, Alfred F. Stricklin, John A. Vacccaro, Lloyd F. Van Arsdale and John M. Van Fossen.

If you wish larger blowups,...please contact Mike Brood.

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