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Memories of Jon Blomberg

A Silent Night To Remember

The boat was in the Caribbean running tests, on what I do not remember.We stayed out for the night because the tests ran late and it would have been too much trouble to go in and tie up at that late hour. I had gotten off watch and eaten and was made aware of the fact that we were on the surface. I requested and got permission to go up in the sail. The night was calm and the sky was clear except for just a wisp of cloud. The MOON was so full and so bright you could have read by it. The sky made a blue black hemisphere with the ocean providing the flat on which it rested. All that was there was the wake of the boat trailing off to mark where we had been. You could see no lights or stars, you feel a little insignificant at times like these. This I will always remember. I have forgotten about the ORSE boards as they were just a sourse of pain but this was nice.

That wasn't the only memory I have of the ole boat, but that is one that I hold on to when I think of what I have done and where I have been. Because the nucs didn't go too many places I didn't see the world but what I did see, I feel I enjoyed. The Rum Barrel would be fun to go back to. Does anyone know when the next boat to Andros island is? Maybe some time or some day.
Jon Blomberg