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And I qualed, too!

Memories of Gene Benzing

I am one of the very few spooks who ever qualified in submarines.    I started on the Bergall under the command of CDR. Ray E. Wyatt in Nov of '73 and got about 2/3 done with my qualifications and ran out of time by the time we came home in January of '74.    I then went to the Trepang two weeks later and got permission from the CO to transfer over what I had done on the Bergall, only having to repeat a couple of areas that were unique to Trepang.    I drank my fish in Faslane Scotland in April of '74.

The best part of the Bergall was the people.    I was treated like regular crew from day one.    A great bunch of people.   What I remember best was the midway meal and the evening flick was the old Silent Service episode of "Bergall's Dilemma".    Some of the weirdroom even dressed the part. The Blue Nose ceremony was a blast.    The Bergall was one of those many trips I made over the years that I remember the best.

Today, I am a manager of safety and health for Harley-Davidson Motor Company at the Kansas City XL plant, 5 kids and 5 grandkids.

Gene Benzing