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The Bergall Association's 2003 Annual Minutes of the Meeting

   Don opened the meeting with the statement that this year he's not asking to be relieved as he did last two years since he's been getting some help but if anybody wants to take over raise their voice and throw it out.   Somebody injected that he's been doing a fine job.   Some snickering was heard but I won't enter that info here.   When no hand or voice was raised, Don indicated his appreciation and support.   General applause was heard.   (who held up that damn sign, anyway?)   Carl noted that Dick Fiske was the first to start the applause.  Dick said that the last time he missed a meeting of this type, he ended up in charge of the fund raising for the church and figured he'd better attend this one.  

   Don asked if any other officers were asking for relief.   Mac said he was having too much fun.   Mac said that he got an e-mail from the VP, Rod Lovdal, sending his regrets that he wasn't going to be able to attend (which Mac forwarded to the group) but also that we haven't really heard anything else from him and maybe we should think about that position.   Don noted that he might be real busy since they had arranged a meeting at Don's but Rod wasn't able to make it.   Poor Don was caught with meat and a barbeque and nobody to share it with!   It was all agreed that we all had times when we just had things come up, though.   It was brought up that since we don't even know if Rod wants to stay as VP that we might want to consider opening up the position as a provisional election like we did with the treasurer position last year.   

   Mac brought up that the organization could form a line of progression for these offices so a guy got a feel for the requirements and would then be familiar and ready for the next position up.   Carl said this sounded like this sounded like a good way to have guys that want the position and not just randomly re-elect every year just to be re-electing and it also gave a good backup to the President.   He pointed out that the position of Treasurer and Secretary should stay fixed "as long as possible" as  their positions are historical with record keeping and dues notices and that would help keep track of our status.   This rotation of the Presidency and Vice positions met with favorable desire.

  Chuck brought up that the Chairman of the Reunion is often the next in line.

   Don asked if Dick Fiske would consider the position of VP and Dick asked that we first ask Rod about his desires.   Carl re-emphasized that we can always offer the position to Dick pending a decision by Rod.   This satisfied Dick and he volunteered to help.

   Then Don asked for a Treasurer's report.   Sam reported that as of the moment, we have paid for the reservations at the banquet, the stocking of the hospitality suite, and we have left, on deposit, $2,870.97 and $497.00 for deposit when I get back.   The cost of the room still has to be resolved but there's enough funds to see us through.   He mentioned that the dinner bar needed to total $500 or we had to pay the bartender and Carl joked that we might as well just pay the bartender now.   Chuck noted that he hadn't been reimbursed for the room.   Don said that he wasn't aware that there was a separate bill but that he would resolve that issue.

   Don then asked about old business.   He mentioned that we have some changes proposed for 5 year and life membership.   Mac said that he was assigned the task to review the area of setting up a life membership system arrangement and got with Chris and went through the whole by-laws, not just the membership point and the reason was because there were things in there that tied us to the national Sub Vets group instead of allowing us to go with Sub Vets when we choose to (in the old by-laws).   The way it read, said that we HAD to have our reunions wherever the Sub Vets had their convention and they thought that there might be a time when we want to have it different when it's too expensive or inappropriate.   "We want to keep the Bergall guys together so if it worked to have it at a cheaper place it might be a real advantage."   He noted that THAT is up for a vote and consideration.   He suggested that we disconnect any hard connection, via our by-laws, but still respect and honor the larger group.   Carl suggested that we amend the association application that it include a line to insert if that person is a member of either the Sub Vets or USSVWWII and their membership number so we can see the different associations.   Carl said that when the association started, we agreed to switch our reunions, first going to a WWII convention, then a Sub Vets and then back... He said that the WWII group was going to Laughlin, Ca. in 2006 and it's draw was the rooms were going to be about $30.00!   He pointed out that THAT was real reasonable and even with a hospitality suite it could be an easy gathering.   He mentioned that he wasn't sure how that synced with the rotation but it should sure be considered.

   Don mentioned that this needed to be fleshed out and then got pulled away to take a call from our guest speaker.   Mac brought the meeting back to the membership issue and said that it was felt that all of the Bergall guys that made a war patrol be made life members automatically and that would require a change in the by-laws.   Also included in their recommendations was that the offer of life membership should be dependent on your age and health.   He recommended that we circulate this amended copy and get corrections since it shows what was and what they think SHOULD be the new version.   He said that we need to vote but that we can put this on the web site and put it up for review.   He noted that there were some grammar errors and he would fix them and then get them to Mike for posting.  

   The question of costs was asked and Sam said that, as proposed, a life membership for one under 30 years old would be $175 and it decreases down to $30 if you are 80 years or older.   It goes $175, $150, $125, $100, $75, $50 and $30.   He said that Chris looked at many organizations and averaged them out to come up with this as a beginning point.   One of the guys mentioned that some guys had sent in $50.00 for 5 years but didn't get any other advantage... what about offering $50 for 6 years?   Mac said that it's obviously up to the association to come up with the different recommendations and approve them.   Carl mentioned that there are guys who aren't on the internet and they need included in this too.   Don mentioned that in his last mailing of snail-mail of about 100, he got back about 20 with "return to sender" stamped.   Mike asked that the list of suspected "dead" addresses be sent to him.   Carl noted that at the present meeting there was only 13 or 14 guys but at least it formed a quorum and any recommendations sent out or sought would still be open to approval by those who respond.  

   Mac mentioned that one of the changes to the by-laws included the change to include the term quorum in determining an official meeting and this was missing from the original wording.   "Members present" would represent a quorum and current membership was the implied requirement.   Mac firmed up that he would get it on the internet and start getting feedback.

   Don mentioned new business about the new reunion location and said that it still has to be put in the by-laws if agreed but that he had gotten a lot of inquiry from guys asking that we have a reunion at a location that was strictly Bergall.   He said that he gets many fliers from places asking for our business and are VERY cheap.   Carl mentioned that part of the idea was to get the guys together where they could also get with guys from other boast that they served with.  Another mentioned that a majority of the guys were still working and getting a vacation is tough... to try to arrange for a separate Bergall reunion AND a national convention was just out of the question... plus the expense precluded it for most.   Don said that he knows that many guys have some real issues with the money and if we get tied to an expensive place because of the convention then those guys can't make it.   Carl mentioned that money, distance and timing will always be a problem.   He even mentioned that Laughlin will offer $1.00 beer but by the same token you have to GET THERE.   It doesn't have an airport so you have to go to Palm Springs or Las Vegas and figure it out from there.   He said there was going to be a bus from Las Vegas but that THAT was a 95 mile trip and that's to be considered too.   Carl mentioned that Saratoga Springs might be a time and place to consider having a different gathering.  

   Don said that the next point was next year's reunion in Saratoga Springs.   We need somebody to coordinate for us.   He said the primary concern was that they could get us a "block" of rooms.   Carl added that other than the Holiday Inn and the Prime, no other could cater our dinner.  So then we'll have to find a separate place.   It was agreed that a short walk wasn't out of the question for the dinner.   Mac said that there were still some nice hotels that weren't on the list that had to be investigated.   He added that the Marriot would be opening and his daughter could arrange something there in Albany but Carl injected that then the guys would have to have cars to get to the convention in Saratoga Ssprings.   Mac also said his daughter could get us a real good rate (military, about $59.00/night).   It was seen that most of the hotels in that area were only 30 or 40 room outfits and that just wouldn't fit.   It was also noted that August was a busy and crazy time in Saratoga because of the flat racers that occur but it was felt the middle of September would be much nicer and not a worry.   Mac was tasked with finding other info so a decision could be made at a later date.

   Don then brought up that the Top Gun tour was coming up the next day and it's suppose to be about 10 am but nobody has seen Mike Sobkowski yet!!!   He had an e-mail but we'll get with him at the banquet tonight and get it all squared away.

   Don asked if there was any new business and Abe Kern asked that we consider that the annual dues be changed to an annual fixed date and not tied to the person's anniversary of their joining.   It was noted that it was easier on the treasurer, the secretary and gave everybody concerned a fixed date to reference.   Carl moved the motion that it be changed to a fixed calendar day and it was seconded.   The question was brought up whether it would be prorated, and perhaps changed to $12.00/year so it could be easily figured.   Carl kidded that he must work for the government... increase the rate and make it sound like a favor!   Don said if the anniversary was in September or later then credit would be applied for October through December.   This met full agreement.   Carl opted that leeway needs to be extended for that poor guy that joins in November.   It was noted that we give guys leeway...

   Mac asked that the dues be due in October on a fixed day so they could be paid at the reunion.   Mike B. (who asked him there anyway?) asked if it wouldn't be better to have the due date prior to the September reunions so that the money was gathered before the outlay of the reunion.   Mac noted that he had received 12 or 13 dues updates from guys who just waited for the reunion to pay.   One of the guys noted that the October date would be ok because that would fit the bill.   Another nudged him and said that October was still AFTER September on all the calendars.   Carl pointed out that there was "still" money in the treasury and the change should run us through the next reunion and then the due date when everything would balance out.   One of the guys (sorry guys, I didn't use video tape...) said he thought we should forgo any dues for combat patrol veterans since they already paid...   Don said that if we approve the "by-laws", as corrected, that would be part of it.  

   Don asked if there was any new business and Mike asked that we make up some letters of appreciation for the guys that sent in contributions for the reunion that weren't able to make it.   This was readily agreed.

   With that Don closed the meeting.

   In a follow-up it was agreed that we should make up a formal request to the 667 commissioning skipper Billy Tally asking him to attend the Saratoga Reunion.


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