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The Bergall Association's 2002 Annual Minutes of the Meeting


Meeting called to order at 1045 hrs


New Business

1.    Dinner reimbursements for 4 persons who were unable to attend were proposed and approved by acclimation.

2.    Nominations and election of officers for next year were held with the current incumbents reelected.

                        Pres             Don Basham

                        VP              Rod Lovdal

                        Treasurer     Norm Ferland

                        Secretary     Abe Kern

3.    A motion was made and approved to have the Treasurer open a checking account in the name of the association and obtain an EI number.

4.    Angelo Christiano was appointed to investigate the feasibility establishing Life Memberships and what the appropriate fee should be. Also included in the feasibility study would be a feature to grant Lifetime membership to all Plank Owners (and anyone who made a War Patrol on the Bergall).

Old Business

1.    Chuck Kennedy reported on his attempts to acquire memorabilia from Navy Sources.

2.    We discussed the need to step up networking to find old shipmates and encourage them to affiliate with the Bergall Assoc.

3.    Mike Parenteau reported that he was successful in locating the Bergall Battle Flag.

       He had several duplicates made and they were awarded to WWII vets in attendance:

        J.J Ott

        Chuck Kennedy

        Carl Weber

        Don Small

4.    We posed for a round of picture taking.

5.    Meeting was adjourned at 11240 hrs.

Abe Kern,  Secretary

Ammended 10/08/02 via internet

            Norm Ferland declined the reelection and as agreed on 9/20/02, Sam  McConnell assumed the office of Treasurer


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Message from the President:

Attention on Deck!!!

The Captain has again given me the 1MC and I have an important message for you.

We again renewed that bond at the 2002 reunion in Duluth, Mn.   We had a fantastic time at this reunion and are really looking forward to the 4th in Reno, NV September 2-5, 2003.   This is a combined USSVWWII and USSVI Convention, so you will definitely know someone at the convention. 

We had a fantastic time in Duluth and especially on the Dinner Cruise on Lake Superior, although it looked like we were heading for the open sea when we departed the pier.   Mike Parenteau presented "replica" Battle Flags to the World War II patrol veterans of the SS-320 in attendance.   These were hand-made by his brother, John Parenteau, from measurements made from the recently rediscovered original.  Presentations were made to John Ott, Carl Weber, Chuck Kennedy and Don Small.   A special thanks to the Parenteau sons for their devotion to their father and the survivors of the WWII War Patrols on Bergall.   Thanks, also, to Carol Palermo for conducting the raffles on the Dinner Cruise.   We again drank a lot of beer in the Bergall Hospitality Suite and enjoyed telling those truths that are hard to believe.    Mike Brood was missed but I am informed by good sources that he will be at the Reno Convention.    He has been indispensable these past years in keeping our endeavors on track.   We had a little side celebration at the Convention Dinner to wish Bob and Kaye Peterson a Happy 50th Anniversary. 

We held elections at the annual meeting but it is beginning to look like Daily’s Chicago.   We elected a new Treasurer in the event that Norm Ferland, who was not present, did not desire to stay in office and he confirmed this after the meeting.   The new Treasurer is Sam McConnell and I am certain with his financial background will do us well.    We kept the annual membership dues at $10 to defray mailing expenses and voted to donate to the kitty for items such as the Hospitality Suite.

The Reunion Coordinator, Bob Peterson, performed an exceptional job of obtaining the Dinner Cruise and the Hospitality Suite.  .

If you have not sent in your dues for 2002-2003, they are due.  There were no dues paid at the reunion because of the lack of a treasurer to accept the dues.   Please mail your dues prior to September 30th to Norm Ferland or after October 1st to Sam McConnell.


Don Basham, Bergall Association President


Please insure that your dues are mailed to our Association Treasurer:

Make checks payable to the Bergall Association 

Bergall Association 
815 Pikes Peak Road
Delta, PA 17314

Attn:   Sam McConnell

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