The Bergall Association Membership Application

Types of application:

Membership is open to all men who served in the United States Submarine Bergall SS-320 or SSN-667, their spouses, significant others, and family members.

Benefits of an active membership include:

·        Member Certificate

·        Membership card

·        Discounted rate for annual reunion meal

·        10% discount for all ships store merchandise.

·        Participation as a voting member of the association

All non-life memberships expire on the 31st of August each year.  An email will be sent to all newly inactive members and non-members offering sign-ups for the next year or the opportunity to sign up for life membership.

Full Membership
Full membership is open to all men who served on the United States Submarine Bergall and who are Qualified in Submarines in the United States Navy.  The applicant must not have been disqualified for administrative or judicial reasons nor have caused discredit to the submarine community. This is not meant to limit persons who served in temporary status nor does it preclude membership by persons who shifted status to other services or who performed duties on a submarine from other services or organizations.

Associate Membership
Associate membership will be accepted for those persons who have significantly contributed to submarine services. Associate memberships will also be used for spouses, significant others, and family members of Bergall crew. The Associate member shall have the same rights and privileges as a regular member except that the Associate member may not hold office.  For a person to be eligible for Associate Membership, he must have had a long term involvement in submarine activities and have made a significant contribution to the field, be a direct family member or close friend of a submariner eligible for full membership. Associate members must be voted in by a majority vote of the Association Officers.

Life Membership
Life Membership must meet one of the above categories and will be assigned under that category.  Life membership is a payment option for Full or Associate membership.  Membership privileges for Life members depends on whether they meet the guidelines for Full or Associate membership.

Life membership cost is determined by the following formula:

Life_Dues = (75-(Current_Age))*(Annual_Dues_Rate/2)

Example for someone 49 years of age at $10 a year Annual Dues Rate
Life Dues=(75-49)*(10/2)  or $130

By filling out the form (below) and requesting membership, you acknowledge and will uphold and honor the by-laws of this organization.

After submitting your information below, mail the applicable dues to:

Bergall Association
9567 Bay Point Drive
Norfolk, VA 23518

Make checks payable to "THE BERGALL ASSOCIATION".   Please include a copy of your information for secondary confirmation.

Upon acceptance, your membership certificate will be mailed to you and your membership will be reflected on the Bergall Association Membership Roster and our website.

For application to the Bergall Association, please fill in all fields.
Once you submit this form, it will be kept on file by the Secretary awaiting receipt of your dues.
Please insure that your due are mailed to the above address.

For entry into our database, please fill in all fields.
Once the treasurer receives your dues, your information will be posted to our confidential membership  information pages.
We will then e-mail you the username and password to access this database.
This data is not open to public view to reduce spam harvesters from bothering us!
Anyone not wanting their name or contact information listed, please contact
Mike Brood

If you are accessing this file for someone without a computer, please print the form for them to complete and have them mail it in with applicable dues.

Bergall Association Membership Application

Your Full Name
Your Significant Other's Name
Address 1
Address 2
City/Town State/Prov. Zip Code
Your Home Phone
Your email address
Birth Date
Which boat did you serve on (SS-320, SSN-667, S-342)?
What were your tour years?
What was your last rate on the boat (ie. MM2, TM3)?
Membership type? (A) Full or Associate + (B) Life or Annual Dues   (as in, full annual, full life, etc...)
Please keep me updated by ??? (We communicate via email, website or Facebook, please indicate here if regular mail is your only option)

Please indicate which vet era status you qualify for (if any): WWII (12/7/41-12/31/46), Korea (6/27/50-1/31/55), Viet Nam (8/5/64-1/31/75)
For associate membership, please list qualifying member.


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