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SS 320, Sept. 8, 1958

The following was donated by Kenneth Henry, while stationed on the USSS Trutta.

These were taken September 8, 1958, the day we returned to Key West from the Med. I was on Trutta (SS-421) at the time, and like most engineman, all my pictures entering port are from the after engine room hatch.   I think it was an open house for the Bergall.   Please note the big "E" on her sail.   This meant she had won the "Battle Efficiency" award from the squadron... a very distinguished award!

The second picture doesn't show the Bergall, we had pulled further into port.  You can't see your Boat, but I would bet a month's pay those two guys on the pier handling lines for us are a couple of your After Battery Rats.

Here is a close-up of them. Not very clear, but at least you can see that was back in the days when we could still wear Levi's if we wanted.

This is a party picture taken just a few weeks before she sailed for Turkey and courtesy of Bob Farrell.   Don Armstrong is in the back hugging the pole... too much free booze or is he holding up the building?   At the head of the table on the left is a guy with a white shirt with a girl behind him... the guy behind her right shoulder is John Beauchamp, ICFN, upper left top, against the black pole is Bruce and Dorothy Rutherford Em3 SS.

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