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The Submarine Hall of Fame Class of 2016

It all started with our application:
To read Brian Daugherty's letter for nomination consideration, click here.

Here's Brian's announcement to the crew of the USS Bergall of her nomination and plans.


I am pleased to inform you that USSVI Hampton Roads Base has elected SSN 667 to the Submarine Hall Of Fame Class of 2016.  
There will be a ceremony at Submarine Learning Facility Norfolk on May 19th.   As this is the 20th anniversary of decommissioning
and based on overwhelming attendance at our last reunion, I expect a great turnout of 667 (and hopefully some 320) crew members.  
Additionally, I will be working with local personnel to build a shadow box that will be mounted in the auditorium of Ramage Hall.  
If you have any items you wish to include in the shadow box, please contact me separately and we will work on the details.
Brian Daugherty (MM1)(91-94)

Capt. Tally gave a warm induction acceptance (hear the speech here)

Submarine Learning Facility Norfolk
May 19, 2016

Hall of Fame Nomination
"Invisible, Invulnerable, Invincible"

USS Bergall Shipmates and Family (SS-320 & SSN-667),
On May 19th the SSN-667 was inducted to the Submarine Hall of Fame established by Submarine Learning Facility in Norfolk. 
The Bergall was the 19th boat to be inducted and we had a great crowd in attendance for the ceremony, picnic and after party. 
All in all we had over 40 crew and almost 90 in attendance including guests.

Submarine Learning Facility in conjunction with USSVI Hampton Roads base put on a great ceremony and p
icnic lunch afterwards and a majority of the Bergall crew and guests took over the local Max & Erma's for the evening.

The list of Bergall attendees:




Clarence Bailey III

  ET1 (SS) 69-71

Thomas Butcher Jr

Linda Butcher

LTJG (SS) 72-75

Robert Cain Jr.

Pamela Boring Cain

MM2 (SS) 68-70

Jamie Campbell


RMC (SS) 80-84

Bill Carpenter


MM3 (SS) 76-78

Dave Cary


ET1 (SS) 71-76

Ronald Castonguay

Babette Castonguay

FTG2 (SS/DV) 70-75

Brian Daugherty

Kelly Daughtery

MM1 (SS) 91-94

Mike Eggleston

Helen Cook Eggleston

EM2 (SS) 70-71

Wesley Espenschied Jr.


MM2 (SS) 71-73 & 75-76

Curt Escher

Kristin and Derek Escher,
Linda Hackley, Helen Beletti

RM1 (SS) DV 82-86

Edmond Gibbons

Kathy Gatlin

TMC (SS) 52-60 SS-320 &
TMCS (SS) 68-71 SSN-667

John P Hale


MM2 (SS) 89-91

Thomas  Hanlon

Diane Weatherby

ETCS (SS) 84-88

Butch Hansen


CDR (SS) 91-93

Leslie Jacobi

Paulette Jacobi

LCDR (SS) 68-74

Daniel Kalavitinos

Ellie Kalavitinos

MM2 (SS) 68-71

Gary Kelch

JoAnne Kelch

MM1 (SS)  79-83

Kevin Kunz


MM1 (SS) 88-93

Gary Kvammen

Jeannette, Amanda Kvammen

ET1 (SS)  85-89 

Brooks Langkans

Beth Campagno, Ashley Hargrove,
Angel and Edwin Gonzalez

TM2 (SS) 81-87

David Martin

Sharon Martin

MMC (SS) 84-88

Edward McCarthy


MM1(SS) 83-87

Robert McClaren

Pamela McClaren

EM1 (SS) 68-71

Sam  McConnell

Anne, Elizabeth, Anne Denise,
Steven, Laura, Shayne, Elizabeth
McConnell, Robert and Anna
Montgomery, Richard and Shirley
Partos and Hellen Billups

ICC (SS) 70-75

Larry McCoy

Cathy McCoy

MM1 (SS) 71-75

William Miller

Lucinda and William Miller

Lt. (SS) 76-80

John Mosticone

Barb Mosticone

EM2 (SS) 68-71

Mark Neisser

Kurtis Graham

STS2 (SS) 78-82

Bill Padgett

Debbie Padgett

MM2 (SS) 82-86

Lawrence Penny

Andrea Penny

ET2 (SS)  68-71

John Picklesimer


MM2 (SS) 89-91

Joseph Sanders

Martha and AdamSanders

STS1 (SS) 70-73 & 74-75

Mark Smetana


MM1 (SS) 75-79

Mike Sobkowski

Lucinda Sobkowski

FTG1 (SS) 72-77

Bill Tally

William and Steven Tally

CDR (SS) 68-73

Bryan Waller

Penny Waller

MM1 (SS) 89-90

Gary Wallick

RM1 (SS) 86-91

RM1 (SS) 86-91

Norman Watkins

IC2 (SS) 84-87

IC2 (SS) 84-87

George Wood

Karen Wood

ET1 (SS) 69-72

The Program

Presentation table

As the gathering starts... Ed McCarthy, ?, Sharon and David Martin.

Bill Padgett, Curt Escher and Ed McCarthy.

John Picklesimer and Pat Hale

Bill Padgett with Curt Escher

Sam and Anne McConnell welcome Skipper Tally.

? and Bill Tally

Tom Butcher with ?

? and
Mark Smetana (?)

Sam and Anne McConnell with Capt. Tally with ?,?

Preparing for the Tolling Of The Bells

Showing respect to the lost boats.

USSVWWII vet joins the presentation.

Prayers for Lost and Captured Submarine Sailors from WWII and after.
May 19, 2016 Hall of Fame Ceremony USS BERGALL SSN 667,
Ramage Hall, Submarine Training Facility, Norfolk Naval Base
"We remember our submarine sailors who sacrificed all for our great nation, families, and friends!"

Getting to the Induction ceremony.

Capt. Tally, heading to the podium.

Capt. Tally gave a warm acceptance (hear the speech here )

The presentation of the shadowbox.

Capt. Tally and Bryan Waller.

The SSN 667 shadowbox

After the ceremony, they hosted a fine luncheon.

Curt Escher and Ed McCarthy

Joe Sanders, Bill Talley, Les Jacobi

The USS Bergall crew attending

The USS Bergall (SSN 667) shadowbox

The USS Irex (SS 482) shadowbox

The USS Albacore (AGSS 569) shadowbox

The USS Batfish (SSN 681) shadowbox

The USS George Washington (SSBN 598) shadowbox

The USS Grenadier (SS 525) shadowbox

The USS Growler (SSG 577) shadowbox

The USS Halibut (SSN 587) shadowbox

The USS Lapon (SSN 661) shadowbox

The USS Narwhal (SSN 671) shadowbox

The USS Nautilus (SSN 571) shadowbox

The USS Norfolk (SSN 714) shadowbox

The USS Parche (SSN 683) shadowbox

The USS Pickerel (SS 524) shadowbox

The USS Scorpion (SSN 589) shadowbox

The USS Skate (SSN 578) shadowbox

The USS Skipjack (SSN 585) shadowbox

The USS Triton (SS 201) shadowbox

The USS Triton (SSRN 586) shadowbox

With festivities aside, time for some gathering of friends.
Sharon and David Martin, Brooks Langkans and Ed McCarthy

Jeannette Kvammen, Daughter, Sharon and David Martin

Gary Wallick and John Picklesimer

Brooks Langkans, Bill Padgett and Curt Escher

Dave Finch and Curt Escher

Very well done, Brian.   You EARNED this one !

From     U.S. Undersea Warfare News

SUBVETS Honor Their Fallen and Induct Submarine to Hall of Fame
Commander Submarine Force Atlantic Public Affair, May 22

 NORFOLK, Va. – Submarine Learning Facility (SUBLRNFAC), Naval Station Norfolk hosted the annual
World War II Submarine Veterans Memorial Service and Post World War II Hall of Fame Ceremony, May 19.

The ceremony honored all submarines and submariners lost during the force’s 116-year history. The USS Bergall (SSN 667) has
been chosen to represent the 2016 event as a contributor to the advancement in undersea warfare.  In the years prior to 2012,
the service’s focus was on the 52 submarines and Sailors lost during World War II, as well as the losses of USS Thresher (SSN 593)
on April 10, 1963 and USS Scorpion (SSN 589) on May 22, 1968.  This changed when the World War II submarine veterans
where incorporated into the United States Submarine Vererans, Inc. (USSVI) in 2012. “During World War II, the submarine force
comprised of less than two percent of the Navy, but due to their gallant courage and daring efforts, submarine Sailors sank over 55
percent of the enemy shipping lost in the pacific.  In doing so, they suffered heavy casualties, losing over 3,500 [Sailors], and 52 s
ubmarines in the struggle for victory,” said Lt. Cmdr. Chris Bryan, SUBLRNFAC Executive Officer after greeting attendees.  “This
ceremony is held to express the submarine forces’ appreciation for the years of devoted service and sacrifices each submarine Sailor gives
to this country and allows our shipmates to honor those who have gone before them.”

The guest speaker for the event, Capt. (Ret.) Bill Tally, Commanding Officer of Bergall at its Commissioning in 1969, spoke to over
70 former USS Bergall Sailors and more than 100 attendees on the impact of USS Bergall on the submarine force.

“It was bitter cold and I could see tugboats out on the Thames River breaking up the ice to avoid any propeller damage as the ship slid into the river.
It was a spectacular occasion and I was proud to be a part of it,” said Tally, as he recalled the launching of Bergall on February 17, 1968.”

Not long after Bergall had been launched, underwent sea trails and received its commissioning, Tally found himself playing host to a wide range of
guests aboard the Navy’s newest nuclear powered submarine.

“Soon, each time Bergall went to sea, there were a large group of “riders” who worked during the off-hours of other projects.  “Multitasking”
became common with development work going on 24 hours a day,” said Tally.  “Some of these add-on projects were very successful and became
significant improvements to submarine combat systems.”

Bergall, named after the Balao-class submarine USS Bergall (SS 320), displayed five stars on the ships crest for the five war patrols of its namesake
in WWII.  As an anti-submarine weapon by design, Bergall was the first ship to be outfitted with the operational warshot configuration
of the MK-48 torpedo.

  “Another major task was the development testing of the new DNA sonar which became the BQQ-5 and later became the standard sonar
system for the SSN 688 Class and later submarines,” said Tally.  “During this period of development operations, there were many senior underway
visitors, including Navy admirals, senior Navy civilians, and even heads of corporations.  They always commented on the outstanding crew on Bergall
and asked if this was a special crew assigned for these priority operations.  I always assured them that this was a normal submarine crew but
they have the Bergall Spirit.”

“I see this induction into the Submarine Hall of Fame as the culmination of Bergall achievements,” said Tally.  “Thank you all for allowing
me to share in this occasion.”

Bergall, a Sturgeon-class attack submarine, was laid down by General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton, Conn., commission


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