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1957 Ship Pictures

In the early part of 1957, the USS Bergall came out of the the yards, in Kittery, with an upgrade in her sonar capabilities.   While in the yard, she had the
AN/BQR-3A Sonar dome installed in the location replacing the earlier JP sound head, half way up the deck from the sail to the bow, on the port side.  She also had the AN/BQS-2 topside Sonar dome & a topside AN/UQC-1 dome.

Watch the youtube "At Sea" segment....

In June, she went out on sea trials to get her ready for her next Med cruise.   In this effort the USS Pocono and the USS Lloyd acted as escort and support ships.

Here she is closing in on the USS Pocono.

The USS Pocono has thrown over a line and it's getting hauled onto the Bergall in preparation for transporting something from the ship to the boat.

Here they have set up the high-lines and are in the process of securing it for the transfer

Here's a close-up of the hauling crew,

And the bridge personnel.

Here is a shot of the USS Pocono crew, on the shipping end of that line.

There goes the transfer.   Tools for a repair?   Too short of a cruise to trade movies!

And a close-up of the bridge crew on the receiving end

Here is the USS Lloyd as she pulls up to the USS Pocono.

RD3 Joe McElwee, from the USS Pocono, sent more info on the transfer operation, and pictures from their 1957 "cruise book".  (thanks Joe!)

"I was a crew member (Radarman) on board USS Pocono AGC16 when we rendezvous with the Bergall SS320 on 3 Sept.1957.  The reason was to high line transfer Bergall crew member Merle Kramer,TM3, who was suffering from Appendicitis.  As I worked in CIC on Pocono it was right beside sick bay and spent some time talking to Merle, he was really gung ho on the Bergall and told me what great duty this sub was."

Tuesday, 3 September, 1957, was a typical summer day.   The afternoon breezes were warmed by a radiant sun offset against the background of a clear, blue sky.  The sea was clam.   Elsewhere life moved along in a routine manner.   However, on the decks of the Pocono and the submarine Bergall, life moved at a frenzied pace. The life of a man depended on the speed and execution of a dramatic high-line transfer.

To most of us it was a relatively unimportant day, but to Merle Kramer, TM3, who was suffering from appendicitis, it was a day to remember. To us it will be remembered as a tribute to the skill and loyalty of duty, to the men of the USS Pocono.

Here's Merle, being accept aboard the Pocono.

After the transfer, the Bergall departs to resume her activities.

A month later the USS Bergall began preparation for her last Med cruise.


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