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SS 320 Crew, Returning from Mediterranean Cruise
(9 Nov. 1955 - 28 Jan. 1956)

1st Row (Left to right): TMS R. N. Morgan (COB), ENC A. J. Joachim, EMC John J. Puras, ENC John J. Ott, EMC A. S. Barhhart, Lt.j.g. Bob K. Karcher (Supply & Commissary), Lt.j.g. Norm K. Berg (Gunnery and Torpedo), Lt. Ed P. Travers (Operations and Navigation), Lt.j.g. Warren W. Rothman (Engineering), Lt. William H. "Sandy" Sandeford (XO), Cdr. Warren A. Grossetta (CO)

2nd Row: EN1 Ralph A. Kennedy, TM1 Ed E. Gibbons, SN Norm E. Ferland, IC3 Richard F. Ward, FN Anthony Porazzo, EM2 S. J. Shepperack, FN William J. Vangalen, RM3 J. A. McNair, EM3 John W. Harries, EN3 Fred R. McCauley, EN1 Harry H. Sullivan, FT1 R. Vandercourt, Taylor (TAD from SAILFISH), EN2 Robert M. Corolus, SA S. A. Sutton, YN1 Benjamin S. Travisano, QM3 Norwood C. Outten

3rd Row: FN C. B. Fresh, SC2 Fredrich W. Tinker, TN L. Gameng, SN M. Renario, Tesenair (TAD from IREX), SA A. E. Stinson, SA J. H. McGuire, FN Emerich Polgar, EM1 C. G. Gauthier, FN Ronald Raymond, TM2 John G. Sorg, CS2 Ernie. E. Mathews, CSS1 Jack E. Cody, RM3 J. A. Grosser

4th Row: TM2 K. B. Barringington, EN1 J. C. Rowe, TM1 William H. Mills, SD3 Thomas F. Coleman, EN2 J. G. Larocque, EN1 John H. Dykes, FN R. Van Derploeg, RM1 S. T. Speed, ETSN Duane A. Barcus, SN G. W. Towndrow, RMSN W. T. Anderson, SN Norm J. Dineen, ET3 Don A. Dresh, SN Arnold W. Fields, SN J. F. Chouinard, SN R. A. Taylor

5th Row: EM1 Robert D. Coye, QM1 T. J. (Zip) Zernhelt, MM3 M. W. Conway, SO1 Rodney H. Lovdal, HM1 Irwin H. (Doc) Weber, FN Kenneth D. Johnson, SD1 Thomas A. Wilson, SO2 Walter P. Nelson, RMSN W. Lawdon.

Missing Officers:  Lt.jg. Jack McKee (transferred in Naples, 17 Dec. 1955), Lt. jg. Fred Ilsemann (on leave), Lt. jg. Paul Kilduff (TAD, Reported aboard in Monaco about 2 Jan. 1956)

Picture courtesy of Warren (Moose) Grossetta.   "The hole in the port side (lower left in the photo) was a rip in the superstructure sheet metal that was caused by wave action during our Med deployment. I can't remember exactly when it happened but I assume it was between Gibraltar and New London and that the pix was taken before the Base had time to make the necessary repair." (Moose)

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