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SS 320, March 4, 1955 Ships Party, Club Laural

1st Row (Left to right): Ed Gibbons, John Dykes, Mr. McKee, Captain Grossetta, MacBerge, Mr. Jefferies, Lou Cegalis

2nd Row: Tony Parazzo, Joe Weeks, QM2 Bill Simms, Mr. Warren Rothman, Mr. Anderson, Wing

3rd Row: Carl Midgett, Doc Weber, Willis, Norm Davis, Blackie, Orystick, Ben Travisano, John Harries, Polgar, Steve Sheppreck, Bill McKneely.

4th Row: Chief White, Marziek, Bob Kehoe, Abe Kern, Joe Weissbach, Ralph Kennedy, Townsend, Al Besler, Chief Morgan (COB)

5th Row: Bob Corolus, Dick Hurley, Ralph Weaver, Sovolgrove, Harry Sullivan, Richter, Miller

It's believed that this is one duty section with the second and third one missing since there's only about 1/3 of the crew shown. 

Here's a shot of the crew with their gals.

Pictures courtesy of Tony Porazzo.

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