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Thanks from Joseph (JJ / Zero) John Ott

My daughter snapped this for me as I wanted to send you all my thanks for your support and prayers.

Here I am heading home from the war!

Standing on the cigarette deck with friends, probably watching for sharks (Hence the guy with the M1!)!

Again on the cigarette deck with Lt. Welsh just over my shoulder!

In a Kodiak bar, some fun times were enjoyed with my friends, April 28, 1947.
Raphael (Poncho) Santillian, Warren Vallerro, Clarence (Dutch) Hoosier,  Ray Gartin, Daniel (Red) Black,
E. P. Bartmann, O.R. (Chabby) Carr, J. J. (Zero) Ott, E. W. (bull) Armer, C. B. Perry and three locals...
hmmm that's one too many... wonder which one took the picture!!   I'm sure I'm sixth from the right, though!

Here's my lovely daughter, Maryann!

A letter from Russel McKechnie:

Dear Maryann,
I reported aboard USS Bergall in January 1949 after having just graduated from Submarine School in New London, CT. The year before I graduated from the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD. In the next three years I got to know your Dad very well. He was most kind to this young Officer in being informative about the ship and its systems and bringing me along at a pace that allowed me to qualify in as short a period as possible. It is now more than sixty years since I met your Dad and I will never forget him. He was a terrific sailor and a superior shipmate. Give your Dad my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. You may wish to ask your Dad if he remembers a young Ensign that reported aboard USS Bergall in Pearl Harbor in January 1949, had a scotch and water with ET1 Wisenberger and your Dad in Balboa, CZ, qualified in New London and got thrown over the side for that achievement by your Dad and EN2 Ricter and others, and finally became Engineer Officer before being transferred In March 1953 to USS SEA FOX that was being recommissioned at Mare Island, CA. You might also tell your Dad that I retired from the US Navy in January 1979.

My very best wishes to you and your Mother. My congratulations to you on having a truly superb Father. Cheers and Happy New Year,

Russell R. McKechnie Captain USN Retired


You can E-mail J.J. through his daughter, Maryann, at

Editor's note:  On December 7th, 1999, JJ had an aneurysm that burst and put him in the hospital.   John has recovered remarkably from this setback and is (as always) ready to grab life by the reins and take it for a ride.    For more details, click here.

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