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Pictures from William Dowling, '46

My name is Peggy Dowling and I am the wife of the late William "Bill" Dowling.  My husband was on the USS Bergall in late '45 - '47.  He is shown in one of the pictures taken in Hawaii on June 24th, 1946, however, I couldn't locate his name anywhere on the website.

It is with deepest sorrow that my husband passed away on March 6, 2005.  I am sure that he would've been honored to have attended the reunions throughout the years.  I have attached a link below for the "virtual memorial" for Bill that took place in Maryland.  I am sure that Bill would want to share these pictures with you all.

With Sincerest Regards,

Margaret "Peggy" Dowling

Bill was a varsity football star at his high school in Freeport, NY, until he enlisted in the Navy during World War II.... here he is on the right.

again, on the right...

Bill joined the Navy and was assigned to the USS Bergall about November of 1945...
This looks like he's home on leave, probably out of Sub School.

Getting closer to the door Bill?

Here he is with his mom.

On the front porch (on right) with his brother, James (Harry), and their mom.

James, their cousin and Bill.

Bill and one of his cousins.

Here he is with his brother.

A cheese cake shot of Peggy?   Wow!

It looks like the Bergall's galley.

Bill and Ben Rawlings horsing around.   I say the 5 inch deck gun is the winner in this battle!

Here's Bill all decked out with the Bergall's 50 caliber and a bandolier of ammo!   There were actually tubes mounted at various points on the deck railing and cigarette deck that these would mount on.   They were normally stored below and in case of action, were brought up as the "gun crew" were called into action.

I think this is the plotting table... but that looks like a woman on the inside cover of that book so I'm not sure.

Ben Rawlings on the Bergall.

Will Phelps on the Bergall.

Will Phelps on the Bergall.

The diving tower at Pearl Harbor.

Ben Rawlings on the Bergall.

At sea, from the stern looking forward.

At sea and time to take a break and relax.

Unknown man "in the shears" on starboard lookout.   That's probably the skipper, Lt. CMDR Thomas Kimmel in the center fore ground.

The sub tender in Pearl.  Note the lonely sailor with the paint bucket...

Some Bergall boys in the crew's mess, MoMM1c J.J. Ott is in the back, at the top of the picture.

MoMM1c B. O. Todd and unknown in the mess.  Blaine O. Todd was known as Doats as he was ALWAYS singing, "Mares eat oats and does eat oats..."  He was a machinist mate and rode her through all the war patrols and got off her about 1948.

Here's one of Bill's friends taking a break.

Here's a bunch more, probably discussing world politics... or women.

They seem to have reached an agreement.

He's probably an engineman... what do you think?

Back to politics, gentlemen?

I'll take your picture if you'll take mine.

He's looking pretty casual there in Pearl!

We had a great ships' party that was one heck of a Laui in Honolulu, June 24, 1946.    For more party pictures, please check out James Clepper's page.

Peg and Bill, circa 1975.

William Race Dowling Sr.
DOWLING-William Race, Sr. "Bill". Born May 9, 1927 in Mineola, New York, the son of the late James and Wilhemina (Grempel) Dowling, died peacefully March 6, 2005 at his residence in Weyer's Cave, Virginia.

Bill Dowling is survived by his wife of 56 years, Margaret Jane "Peggy" Dowling, his three sons, William Race, Jr., James Troy and Adam Price Dowling, their wives Joyce, Cindy and Maria, and his seven grandchildren, Maia, Trevor, Justin, Joanna, Megan, Travis and Tyler Dowling.

Bill Dowling was a varsity football star at his high school in Freeport, NY, until he enlisted in the Navy during World War II. He served on the submarine USS Bergall until the end of the war upon which he married Margaret.

He joined the Operating Engineers Union Local 138 working as a heavy equipment operator on Long Island. He raised his family in Seaford, NY. After retiring, he moved to Weyer's Cave.

Although he never chose to attain the credentials, Bill Dowling was in large degree an intellectual. His favorite subject was the Civil War. He never disliked anyone, nor acquired any enemies. He was always your friend, companion and there for you. He believed that you live on by the life you lead and the affect you have on those you leave behind.

Memorial Service were at Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church in Camp Springs, Maryland on April 2, 2005.
(Appeared in Newsday March 9, 2005)

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