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Pictures from Tom Atienza, '46 - '47

Here's a run of pictures from my time.  If you have a name to add to the face... please let us know.   (right click on the picture to see the picture number for reference...)

Here's ETM3 Arlie Brood at the gangway while she's in drydock in Pearl.

StM Tom Campbell, ?, ETM3 Arlie Brood, (kneeling) RM3 Dick Powell, S2 E. Wayne Armer.   I.D. Williams adds... Campbell had one helluva body, big biceps, hard as a rock.   Along with a junior officer named Hamblin, he played football for SubPac.  Nice guy.  He was carrying chow for the wardroom before "Chips" McFarland came aboard as the first black man with a general service rating after Harry Truman opened up the Navy for blacks. Chips won fame as a helluva card player, and a hard worker.  Most of us liked Chips, some (of deep-seated southern heritage) felt differently.  Powell worked for Bob Gray (an RM1) with Max Liggett and later with a chief radioman R.E. Curtik.   I believe Wayne was a snipe like me.   Memories dim after a few(?) years. By the way, that J.G. listed on the '47 Christmas dinner was G.M. Hayes. When the radio mutts got pissed off, they'd ask "what color is shit" and add "Hayes- Gray."  Bob Gray (good man) had a wonderful wife, Jane, and he later went into the Air Force.   Hayes was a fine officer.

RM3 Dick Powell, ETM3 Arlie Brood, QM3 R.L. "Red" Gartin, S2 E. Wayne Armer, (Kneeling) ?

MoMM1 R.R. Bumford

At the after engine room hatch is EM3 Ralph Groh, F1 Tom Atienza, MoMM3 T.A. Hill.

MoMM1 J.J. Ott sewing on his blues as the guy in the bunk reads... um... er... about the tropics.

John McCarthy, EM3

1st part of torpedo loading in the aft.

Getting ready to lower it down.

Easing her down the skids.

Charlie Guinn GM1 watching the torpedo loading.

Lounging sailors with a nice canvas up for shade.

Heavy gun action shelling Pagan Island, a Japanese weather station.

Looks like the "Plank" is ready for the Pollywogs... CSMA Keith Hansen with the camera on the right.   He was at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, '41.   He and wife Emma (called "Baker" for reasons we won't go into.) always had crew over for partying in their navy housing.    He had his niece, Delia, visit for a while there, and she was courted by Floyd Jewel Jones and Frank Vodopich.   She married Frank.

Gotta be the Shellback initiation... check out the flag!!!   Someone who hasn't cross the equator is a Pollywog and "King Neptune" won't let them cross without an initiation... thereafter they are known as Shellbacks.   The "Shellbacks" from earlier voyages take great honor, privilege and FUN in running the initiation.

Part of a "Shellback" initiation to get rid of them damn Pollywogs!

Taking the "cherry" from the belly?   Honest guys... that's what Tom said... no matter WHAT it looks like.

Looks like some guys need cleaned up... at least they aren't Pollywogs any more!

Bob Graham, COB and S1 Costello

Lt. jg "Navy Bob" Steele with his catch during the stay in Alaska.   Gene Beaumont adds..."Was that taken when Bergall stopped at Kodiak after her under the ice trials in 1947 and several of the representative fishermen flew to the mainland and brought back representative salmon which all the fishermen on board Bergall had their pictures taken with: or was that a real catch by Navy Bob?"   "Navy Bob" replied... "That was a 13 pound Dolly Varden trout that I caught in NalNeck Alaska and broughtback to Pearl Harbor. We cooked it at the Quonset Hut we lived in at Monoloa Ridge Naval Housing. That had been a Naval Hospital during the war. Our Skipper, Tom Kimmel and his family lived there too."

Nice shot her at the pier at Pearl.

These boys found some fluffy sand.

Another two take over the spot with S2 Jean Nelson on the right.

The dive tower there at the pier.

F1 Norman Alger

Looking aft over the 40mm gun on the aft cigarette deck as she runs at speed.

Looking forward at her shears and periscope blocked by scaffolding, S2 Jean Nelson is on the right.

Is that EM3 Ralph Grohin the middle?

With chain hoists holding her upright in drydock, S2 Jean Nelson sits on the pier on the left, anybody recall his shipmate?

MoMM1 Carl (Pokeout) Fox with MoMM1 B.O. (Doats) TODD, the "Mares eat oat" kid" - directly behind Carl is Sterling (Moose) Ridlon.

Lower left foreground is PhM1 R. E. "Doc" Son next to RM3 Dick Powell. Believe that's SN H.N. Dutton that MoMM3 T.A. Hill is leaning toward.

EM1 Oramel (Tubby) Carr being hugged.

Here's our Ltjg Robert Dache Steele at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard after Bergall's overhauled there. He recognized EM/1 Evans but didn't point him out...

QM3 Red Gartin doing his playing for the group. He and dad would play together a lot!

CMoMM Frank Vodopich on the barge while we were in yard overhaul.   Hard to believe he'll end up the COB in a little bit... he looks so young...

EM3 Ralph Grohin ?. with F1 Ed Browning.

The long and short of it... including his jeans.

S2 Jean Nelson with a crutch... makes you wonder what the other guy looked like.

SC3 R.L. "Bob" Mischler on the right.

Share the damn beer, buddy!

Who ever said there's no room for women on the boats?
Brisbane Australia, Bill Burnham has his arms full.

What a comfy back on that bunk! Doesn't look like it's slowing him down though!

Just has to be our F1 I.D. Williams.

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